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Fun during the Easter long weekend!

This weekend was so fun! It felt like it’s been ages since we’ve had a nice public holiday, and I made sure I made the most of it! I didn’t expect anything less than my usual very lazy self. I made sure I slept in everyday :)!! Woot!


I was inspired to be girly this weekend, so decided to dig out an old pretty skirt and blouse I’d forgotten about. I’m usually quite casual and very un-girly so this was a good change πŸ™‚


The highlight of the weekend was most probably the outing on Saturday! It was filled with shopping, food expeditions and closed off with a fancy dinner at the famous summit restaurant. I’m a woman with few words since I feel that a picture or pictures can speak a thousand words, here are the pictorial accounts of the highlights:

Happily waiting for my Pepper Lunch meal!
Hungry Hippo got her Beef Pepper Lunch meal πŸ™‚
Resting my feet after some heavy duty shopping with my Cha Time. I tried the Pomelo tea, and it was yummy! Had little bits of Pomelo in it which was a nice twist.
The lovely dinner we had at the Summit. I highly recommend this place for a hot date ;). The grilled seafood entree was the highlight of the meal, followed by the mash and the string beans. I was way too excited by the mash potato, but what can I say – I’m a simple girl!

Simple girls love my Facebook page πŸ˜‰ (or guys, I don’t discriminate)

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