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So, for those that have known me for a while, you will remember that I was in love with a game called DDR (which is short for dance dance revolution –  one of the first dancing games that came out). I used to play that game every weekend and I was totally obsessed with it. Well now I dance and teach dancing part-time. So how is this related? Well I got given an opportunity to be featured as part of good game -spawn point on the ABC. They do weekly profiles on people who took skills or loved to play games and made it into a profession or a job. So now I’m sure it’s starting to make sense.

I’m really grateful to be given this opportunity, especially since I found out the show has a 40% share of the market when it comes to children TV on Saturday mornings. Although I won’t be recognised on the streets anytime soon, it was still extremely fun experience :)!!! So I’d like to say thank you to Lin Jie for giving me this opportunity :), Gavin the sound guy and Susan the camera Lady and of course Goose πŸ™‚

How the day started

The day started off with filming scenes of me playing DDR and again I had the pleasure to be filmed playing one of my favourite games. I had forgotten how much stamina is needed to play that game. Back when I was young I could play all day, but now I started to die after 3 games. Luckily we got the shots we needed in that time :). It was time for an hours break and lunch.

Back at the studio

The second part of the interview was filmed at the studio. We did a interview set, where I had to stand on a box, because the height difference between me and Goose (the field reporter of the show) was too great. Hahaha TV lies! It felt comfrotable because I got to speak to Goose and ignore the camera.

The dance set

The final part of the day involved me teaching a short routine to Goose. This was extremely fun and he did really well, despite having no formal dancing experience. My students came to support and learn the routine too πŸ™‚ Thank you Ash Pan, Andrew Chong, Davie Pants, Prasith, Joanne or coming along a supporting :)!! Big shout out to you and I was really glad to share the experience with you guys :)! 

Good old DDR πŸ™‚ I had fun with my mario hat!
This is us doing the interview – I put this picture in to show you my box I got to stand on!
Hehe, this is our oops we are screwing up moment
I had to put this picture in because goose just looks like he is mind boggled πŸ™‚
Getting ready to go through our set with the gang!
One on one dance tutorial time πŸ™‚ Goose picked it up so quickly!
Opps we did it again
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