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11 Food Hacks You Need To Know!!

1. Fruit Sticks

Fruit salad on a stick? Yaaasss!!! Instead of serving fruit with a toothpick it’s even cuter on a skewer! Try picking fruits that are differen’t colors and ones like grapes, blueberries, strawberries and any kind of berry really are really easy to skewer on without much preparation if you are super lazy! It’s great for parties and when you have your friends over and you can even secure the ends with a grape or a blueberry so they don’t slide off!! Perfect for a summer snack or, anytime really! For my own skewer I used a purple grape which is swesome to put at the ends to hold everything together, then put a banana on top, followed by a strawberry, orange , raspberry then finally a blueberry to hold everything in place!

2. No More Mess Ice Cream Marshmallow in Cone

I’m a super slow eater, and that means my ice cream cone drips everywhere – it gets worse in summer but here’s an awesome hack to prevent this from happening and is superrr tasty. Simple grab a marshmallow and pop it in the cone snugly before you put your scoop of ice cream on top! THat way when it drips down the marshmallow acts like a plug so you won’t have to worry about it dripping through and making the end of your cone soggy!! (that’s the best bit right!!) It’s also super tasty and you won’t even know it’s there! I super love creamy mango ice cream :DD Finally you can add some berries on the sides of the cone and even a wedge of fancy kiwi-fruit and it’ll make it super pretty and as healthy as an ice cream can get!

3. Ice Cubes To Flavour Your Water

This hack is a great way to both cool and flavour your drink in a healthier way. Simply pour flavoured cordial or kool aid into ice cub trays and freeze them. Try different flavours as well!I made my own healthy soda by adding some lemon, mint and a few flavoured ice cubes in a cup. Then poured in some sparkling water or plain soda and the ice cubes will melt and give it a light flavour as well as a pretty colour! You can mix up flavours to make your own rainbow soda that’s unicorningly refreshing!! Next time you need to hydrate just pop a few flavours in and you’ll have a beautiful rainbow drink that’s also super tasty!!

4. Portable Salad

I’m always up for a fresh and healthy salad, and a super easy way to bring a salad snack with you is in a jar!! It’s not only great for you it looks super cute and you can pop the dressing on as well so you don’t have to deal with it leaking in your bag or finding a separate container! I used purple cabbage, grated carrots, avocado and Tomatos with a bit of balsamic dressing on top! These veggies are not only great because they are less likely to get soggy, the variety of colours are not only cute but indicate you have a range of nutrients and goodies and an easy rule to remember is that the more colourful the wider the variety of nutrients you are getting and the more pigmented it is indicates a higher dose of the goodies! This of course only applies to natural foods so adding more food coloring is not going to up your vitamin intake! When you’re ready to eat simply open the lid and you’re ready to nomm 😀

5. Fruit Ice Cubes

Keeping hydrated helps your lips look plumper and your skin look clearer so drinking more water is so important for not only your health!! Make drinking water more fun by making some jumbo fruit ice cubes! A great hack to make this is to use a silicon muffin tray! Just put some fruit in there, and I made a refreshing version with lemon, lime and mint as well as a berries one which looks super colourful. Add water to the top and pop it in the freezer to fereze! When it’s ready the silicon tray makes it super easy to pop out your jumbo fruit ice and just pop them into a pitcher and it’ll not only cool down your water, it’ll release yummy fruity scent and flavours into your water as it melts! Mmm :D!!! Perfect to enjoy while relaxing near a pool!

For my ice cubes I’m going to start off by slicing up some lemons. Then rip up some frsh mint and put it aside. Pop one slice of lemon with a few mint leaves and fill it up with water! That’s it!
Next I’m going to chop up some destemmed strawberries in half. Place a few pieces with some blueberries and fill it up with water. These ones are super colourful and will give your water a berry nice twist XD.

6. No Drip Oranges!

So I usually cut orange like the normal way into wedges but this usually results in me getting juice all my face and hands when I go to eat it, maybe I’m just unco but yea. A great hack is to cut the top and bottom off your orange, and the slice an opening down the side. Then you can simply use the opening to peel open the orange keeping in tact that little pouch the juice bits sit in so you can just grab it with your fingers and eat it like a manderin. Mmmm! This is a really neat way to pack oranges for a picnic or for school or work!

7. Super Fancy Mangos in a Cup!

Mm mangoes so good but soo messy XD no matter how you cut them in squares or trying to dig em out with a spoon it’s just the juicy goodness is overwhelming!! But here’s an awesome hack for a mess free mango nomming session. Just cut the mango in halves around the seed and then use the edge of a thing glass to carve out the yummy mango goodness!! Then literally you can use the cup to eat it out of! If you want you can use scissors or a knife to cut it into little pieces first but it’s all neatly contained and it won’t mess up my white swimsuit…which would have literally happened because I’m just a messy food eater – need all the help I can get! Then what you want to do is place the glass on a steady surface and push the edge of the mango down pushing the edge of the glass against the skin so it will cut cleanly over the curve, Make sure the glass has a thing edge as well as this will make it easier to slice through. When you’re done it should pop straight into the glass. Look how cleanly cut this is!!! Then you can simply slice it up and you’ll have the fanciest looking mango’s everr. That won’t mess up my white swimsuite. Super faaarncy.

8. No More Watermelon on your Face

You know when you eat the watermelon and then you get it on the face – yup always me. Then I also like don’t realise I have watermelon on my face. Yup also me. Soooooo if you use this hack and prepare your watermelon this will not happen ever again!!! Get your dignity back yeaaa. So once you have your slice of watermelong just simply cut off the edges in a triangle and that’s it. Your waterlon will look like a diamond shape and you can eat it elegantly. Now to find a diamond the size of a I can sell it to buy more watermelon XD…just kidding diamonds are like soo pretty even if it’s just glass diamond…

Then simply cut of the edges of the bottom

9.  Perfect Strawberry Hack

So if I asked my past self if I would de-stem strawberries I’d be like hell no that’s way tooo much effort! Who does that!! But ever since I saw this hack I was like whooaa wait a minute!! Just grab a straw and poke it through the bottom!!! The voila destemmed strawberry. I was like WHAt is is socery!!! You can totally make like strawberry pops with this as well and it’ll be so cute and plus now I found a use for my straws after I finish my drink. And I have to say it is SOOOOO satisfying to do like I would literally do it for fun. Loook at it…I can keep watching this all day. Sometimes when you are stuck you can twist the straw a little bit to cut through to the end and it’s best you use a plastic straw that’s thing so it’s extra sharp. Also the tube of the straw will start to fill up with strawberry insides and they look so funny when you pull them out XD.

10. Skin Kiwi Hack

You know in those food pictures they always have this like perfectly cut kiwi fruit and you’re like how the hell did you get all that fuzz off without leaving a trail of fuzz on it. Well now I know!! Grab a sppon. Cut off the top and bottom off the kiwi fruit and spikn it around sticking as close to the edge of the skin as possible thne it’ll just simply slide out! Works really well on riper kiwi and now you can have classy kiwi fruit instead of eating it with a spoon like I’ve been doing for years! Eating kiwi fruit like this made me feel fanncccyy XD So normally I use a spoon to eat kiwi fruit cause it’s easy but when you want to aadd sliced kiwi to something well how do you do it without leaving a trail of fuzz behind and it’s still with a spoon!!

11. Proper Way to Peel Banana

So who peels Bananas like this?? Yass me!! Soo….right?? Wronnggg. The monkeys are the master of peeling bannanas obviously and apparently they do it upside down and then you just give it a squeeze and it should pop out!! This way you don’t end up with broken stems and broken banana eating dreams and it also gives you a nifty handle to hold!!

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