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13 DIY Halloween Costumes EVERY SQUAD NEEDS TO TRY in 2016!!

Snapchat Filters

Flower Coachella Girl

For this look you’ll need a flower crown, or a headband if you can’t find one. Some faux flowers, and leaves. Since I already had a flower crown that was very similar I just hot glued the leaves following the pattern on the filter, and also added some extra yellow daisys as well. If you are doing this from scratch then simply hot glue all the flowers into place like I did but you’ll just have more flowers to glue!

Next up for the makeup look just simply wear your usual makeup and then grab a strobe effect highlighter stick and just highlight your forehead, cheekbones, cupids bow and chin, but like just go all out! Then simply use your fingers to blend out so you have a subtle wash of highlighter on the other parts of your face. The filter makes you literally glow so this is pretty much the real life version. It pretty much ends up looking like you did the full face using only highlighters challenge. Then if you want grab a translucent powder and just mattify the areas that you think are too much and it’ll set it as well. If you want you can do a plait on one side like me, you can curl or crimp your hair it’s really up to you! I pulled out a bit of my plait to make it super easy and casual since this is known as a the coachella filter! Then simply pop the flower crown on and you’re done!

Nerd Filter

This is probably one of the easiest filters to make and super cute! You’ll need a pair of thick rimmed nerd glasses and a fabric bandaid! All you need to do is to wrap the bandaid around the middle of the glasses and you’re done! For the makeup look you’ll need a super pinky blush! Put the glasses on and you’ll want to place the blush just under where your glasses end. Now you can take the glasses off and blend out the super bright pink blush. I find cream blushes are perfect for a bright look and easy to blend out with your fingers. You want to follow your cheeks and it’ll end up looking like a rounded triangle like this! Put youre glasses on and then this is the fun part! grab some cotton balls and stuff them in your cheeks! This will create that super cute round cheek that the filter does, and it makes you smile like it too! If you have braces you’ll look even more like the filter! I ended up fitting around 4 cotton balls on each side!! And that’s pretty much it!!

Puppy Dog Filter

Probably the most popular filter out there and it’s not even that hard to make! For the ears you’ll need some brown felt, pink felt, a piece of paper pencil and scissors as well as 2 pieces of florist or super thin wire. First fold your piece of paper in half lengthwise and start drawing the shape of the ears. They are rounder on the top tapering down to a thinner point. You can try this a few times till you get the right stencil and then cut it out. Once it’s cut it’ll look kinda like this and you can bend in and see if it’ll look like the ears and if it does then you’ve got it! Next place the stencil on the brown felt leaving a bit on the bottom edge and trace the shape using a pencil or pen. The extra bit at the bottom is so you have a bit extra that you can use to bobby pin it to your hair. Once it’s traces you want to cut it out. You want 4 of these pieces to make the ears so keep cutting them out till you have 4 of these.


Next you can use the stencil and trace it onto the pink felt. The middle part of the ear is much smaller so use an even margin to cut out a smaller version of the same shape for the pink part of the ears. You want to cut 2 pieces of this!

Once you’re finished simply glue these onto a piece of brown felt to make the front part of your ears!

Now for the back pieces! We want to make the ears a bit puffy so grab some cotton balls and pull them apart to little strips like this. Hot glue it all around the edges of a brown piece leaving a little edge so you can still stick the brown pieces together. Then grab a piece of wire and bend it around the shape of the ear and it’ll fit just inside of the cotton padding. Hot glue you wire down so it doesn’t move but this will allow you to bend your ears down and pretty much anyway you want. Trim off any excess wire when you’re done.

Now put some hot glue in the middle and place the front pieces on top. You want to stick the pink part down first then move on and hot glue all the edges together like this. Go all the way around but be careful when you squeeze the pieces together because if you put too much glue it’ll seep out and burn your fingers so if you need make sure to get an adult to help you with this. You can also use something else to hold it together until it is stuck. Once you’ve made it all the way round you’re done!!! You can bend them down like this and you have your cute puppy ears ready to go!!

For the tongue you’ll need a bright pink sheet of felt, paper, pencil and scissors and one piece of florist wire. Fold the paper lengthwise and draw out your tongue stencil. You may want to do a rough sketch using a picture first and the make a proper stencil with it after. Cut it out. Trace out the stencil onto your piece of pink felt and cut 2 pieces for the tongue. Take one piece of felt and bend a wire in half and shape it roughly like the tongue and use hot glue to glue it down. Just use a glob and hold down the wire till the glue dries and dot the glue on various points so it stays in place. Then trim any excess wire so you don’t hurt yourself. Use hot glue and glue the other piece on top. Make sure all the edges are glued down otherwise they’ll pop out when you try and bend the tongue. You can also get a pink sharpie and draw a line down the tongue as well for added effect. I used a skewer cutting off the sharp point first and then sticking it down with hot glue on the bottom part of the tongue. You can use this to hold the puppy tongue up to your tongue when you open your mouth!

Have your regular makeup on and you can smudge some eyeliner to the outer edge of your lower lashes for a more puppy eye effect. To draw on your nose use a nude eyeliner to mark out the shape first. The nose ends underneath your nose then goes out to the edge of your pupil. It the curves up to ⅔ up your nose bridge. I used these points to draw the shape knowing when to end. Then use your nose tip as a guide for the dog’s nose and draw a triangle on it. Using a brown face paint fill in the shape you drew first. Then add a slightly light brown to make it look more 3d and finally take a dark brown to fill in your nose. Then use a brown eyeliner to add little dots for the whiskers.

Deer filter

This is definitely my favourite filter of them all because its not only the cutest but also chipmunkifies your voice!

For the ears, you’ll need paper, a pencil, scissors, hot glue, some orange felt, and some white and black fur. First you need to trace out an outline of an ear, so fold a piece of A4 paper in half, and draw a half ear shape roughly like this one. Cut it out and unfold it. You can see that when rolled up, it looks like an ear. Transfer this shape onto the orange felt with a pencil. Make sure you remember to leave a small space for a flap to help you attach it to your head later. Carefully cut out two pieces of orange felt for the ears. Next you need to make the inside fur lining by tracing the same cut out as before and then cutting two pieces of fur. Align your black fur with the fur pointing up and cut two small triangles for the tips of the ears.

The next step is to hot glue it all together. Glue the white fur onto the orange felt and then glue the black fur onto the tip of the ear at the back. Then just roll it up and it should look like an ear! Just put a point of hot glue on the inside to stick the two sides together and you’re done!

For the makeup first draw a double winged line for the deer lashes one longer and one shorter. Then take a orange blush or eyeshadow as a base to mark out the areas you’re going to draw on which is the cheeks and forehead. Next get some orange face paint on a round sponge tip and start dabbing on your patten. The blush is like 2 straight lines across the apples of your cheeks, then use your eyebrows as a guide and do a semi cricle shape on top, going down your nose bridge as well. Take a darker orange and blend that in the middle. Use white face paint and colour in your whole nose in a rounded triangle. Then drwa on the forehead sponts it’s 2 rows of 3 dots then 2 rows of one dop moving up. I then used some orange on a sponge to blend it in so it wasn’t so contrasted. Then use a black paint and carefully draw a heart shaped nose. I use a “v” shape as a guide then rounded it out. This will sit right on the tip of your nose. Then dab a tiny bit of black onto the sponge and paint it onto the bottom edge of your nose to create the shadow and now you’re makeup is done!! Next bobby pin the ears to your hair, I used 2 pins on each side. And we’re ready to be a deer!!

Pokemon Go Trainer Costume

For the outfit of the female trainer, you can obviously just buy a premade outfit, but they never seem to fit as well so i prefer to DIY my own and even if its a little bit different, fits perfectly. All you need is a simple white long sleeve top, and 3 coloured shirts to match team the colours of team mystic/valor/ and instinct – blue, red and yellow. Then you also need some black tights and some running shoes, as well as some fingerless gloves for more accurate pokeball throwing 😛
For the hat, you need some coloured trucker caps. I used a blue and white one, a red and white one, and a full black one. Next you need to make a pokeball logo for the hat. For this, you’ll need some red, white and black felt, a pencil, scissors and a few circular objects around the home to help trace your shapes. Trace a large circle around the white and red felt and cut them out. Then cut these circles slightly less than halfway and we are actually going to use the smaller semicircle pieces. Next trace a smaller circle around the black felt and cut that out. Also cut out a thin straight line out of the black felt. Finally hand cut an even smaller circle out of the white felt again and you’re ready to assemble the pokeball.

Place the red and white semicircles onto a flat surface and then place the straight black felt strip snugly in between them and cut the length of the black felt to match the diameter of the circle. Then lightly hot glue these 3 components together to make them into one piece. Next hot glue the small white dot onto the black circle and then both of these right into the centre of the ball and we’re done! Looks pretty convincing right? Next just hot glue the whole pokeball onto the cap and we are one step closer to becoming pokemon trainers!

If you pay attention to the game outfits, you’ll see that the black cap actually has a different logo so in order to make this, we need some yellow felt and some scissors and a pencil. The logo on the cap actually sits on the bottom left corner which you can fit a corner of the felt sheet into so we are going to use this as a rough guide. Trace a small circle into the corner of the felt, and then roughly trace out a small arc and then a larger arc around that. Cut these shapes out and then get your hot glue and glue them on. The yellow circle goes right into the corner and then the arc goes just outside it, and you’re done! You only need to make one logo, but if you are going as a squad, it just gives you and your friends more options to try out so you aren’t all wearing the exact same design.
For the belt, you need a simple black belt with a clasp, I found these round craft circles but you can easily use cardboard, some white and yellow felt. Trace the craft circle around your white felt and cut that out. Then trace it around the yellow felt and cut that out as well. The yellow needs to be smaller than the white so trim off any excess afterwards to shrink the yellow circle a little bit. Then fold the yellow felt in halt and cut a decent strip off the fold so you are left with 2 pieces. Next cut a small semicircle in each semicircle. Hot glue the white felt first onto the craft circle, then hot glue the two pieces of yellow felt onto the white felt. Then hot glue the whole thing onto your belt and you’re done!
I also went an extra step and found a backpack that looks exactly like the female trainer backpack which is very small and egg shaped. This one was all red but i quickly painted the top half white!

Suicide Squad Costumes


I’m going to be doing a very quick simple version of her makeup. Start off with a pale foundation, or if you don’t have one usually your concealer is much lighter so just use that all over your face. Now use a black eyeliner and draw these guides. A angle from your eyebrows down your nose bridge, along your lower lashline following the curve and connecting to the end of your brows. Also fill in your lids as well. You also want to straighten and wing your brows out. I think if you have a smaller distance between your brows and eyes it’ll look more like her but I don’t so we’ll just work with it! Then draw under your cheek bone down to your chin to create the sunken cheeks. Next take a purplish eyeshadow and apply this under your eyes to make it look like you haven’t slept for hundred of years! Now go in with a black eyeshadow and fill in all your guide lines, blending out with your fingers. Any excess feel free to smear it around your face since she looks like she’s got smudges all over her face and neck and body. I went over with the eyelinder again after to darken certain parts. Use a dark nude lipstick on her lips. Finally use a liquid liner to create the bands of ancient words on her forehead. I just scribbled in waves roughly to create this since I didn’t really want to draw on each one carefully, and I just did 3 rows. There’s also 2 along her cheekbones so do that too. Next I’m going to put on a hairnet and a long straight black wig. She has a few thin strands loose in front of her face. Also pop on your beads and necklace we made. This is also optional but I used activated charcoal tables to give my teeth a super dirty gross look. You then want to stick on the crescent moon on your forehead to finish it off!

After you are happy with your makeup, you’ll need a long black wig to match her hair.
She has a crescent moon on her forehead so in order to make this, you’ll need a piece of cardboard, scissors, some household circular objects for tracing and some paint. First trace out a large circle onto the cardboard, and then a smaller circle on the edge of the larger circle. Then cut these out to create your crescent moon. The moon has a diry rusted aqua look to it so we’ll recreate this with some acrylic paint. Grab some silver paint for the base layer, and paint it onto the both sides of the crescent moon. If the paint is thin, you may need a double layer. Next wait for it dry and then we’ll be using some green blue and white paint to recreate the colour of the moon. I used a sponge to dab it on in a random way. Then take some black paint and a skewer to randomly draw on some patterns onto the moon. This gives it an old mythical vibe, and then we’re done!
She also wears a dark pendant so I found this silver pendant on sale for 8 dollars which was the perfect shape. All I had to do was to dab on some black paint and then dab on some patches of aqua to make it look like the real thing.

Next you’ll need a few layers of black beads to wrap high around your neck but still allowing the pendant to show at the bottom.

It was pretty much impossible to find her metallic chain underwear for me, so you can easily use anything to want in place of that. I happened to use a black fabric beach top and some black shorts. Then I added some body paint to roughly match her patterns, but you can be as detailed as you want for this step. Finally I took some activated charcoal and smeared it onto my teeth to match her black rotting teeth. Pretty attractive right?

Katana Costume

Her makeup is pretty simple! Use gel or pencil liner and lien all the way along your lower lashline flicking it up to a wing. Then you want to bring in your inner corners too into a point. You should have your eyes lined all the way around by the end of this. Then simply finish off with a dark nude lip! I put on a short black wig that’s flicked out on the ends. I then placed the mask on and realised we had to chop off the top section as well so we did that once we measured it on my face. I also used blue tac underneath to make it fit well onto my face.
To make this mask, you need a regular white mask from a dollar store, a pencil, some scissors, an exacto knife and some paint. Trace out a rough guide with a pencil under the nose part then cut this piece off leaving the top half of the mask. Then make the eye holes winged up on the outside and downwards on the inside with an exacto knife. Finally trace out a cricle on the forehead and fill it in with some red and black paint and you’re done!

You complete this look, you’ll need a black jacket, a white boob tube which i just made using a singlet top, black tights and some superhero black boots. You’ll also need a red fabric belt which i created using a red scarf. Finally Grab some cool looking swords from the dollar store and you’re ready to kick some butt! She actually has a long samurai sword and a short katana so thats what im going with as well.

This look is not only awesome, but is probably easier than the others, and probably the easiest to pass off as normal if you’re accidentally caught wearing it out 😛

Harley Quinn Costume

Harley’s makeup is actually pretty easy to do! Start off with a very pale foundation. I picked a super light cc cream I had. You can even use your day old makeup as a base like I did. Then take a red shadow with your fingers and apply this to your left lid following the curve of your eye sockets the smearing this down. Create one more smaller smear under the eye. Also use your fingers to smear your eyeliner as well into this. Add some more red shadow onto the lids for a more vibrant look. Then take some blue onto your fingers and do the same on your right eye. Any excess shadow on your fingers can be smeared onto your neck so you don’t waste and adds to the look! Grab a black pencil liner and draw a small heart on your left cheekbone and then write rotten along your jawline. Finish off with a bright red lipstick and then smudge the left corner down with your fingers and now you’re done! Put your hair up in pigtails and you can either use a wig or if you have blonder hair you can use hair chalk or spray to color the ends. And now you’re done!
In order to create her, shirt, you’ll need a white long sleeve shirt, fabric paint – i had the spray on type, a print out of her shirt phrase, some masking tape and extra brushes.
First use some masking tape to mark out the red patch on her chest. You’ll need to do this on the front and back. Then make sure you use some scrap paper to protect your table and the rest of the shirt and colour the area with your red spray paint. If you miss any bits you can fill them in with a brush.

Next you’ll need to cut out her shirt phrase “daddys lil monster” out of the paper. I used an exacto knife for more accuracy but this step took me so long! If you are more prepared than I was, you can print out a transferable shirt sticker and then iron it on, which you save you a lot of time! Anyway, I then took the cut out and sprayed black paint onto the shirt and it turned out really well!

SHe also has some stripes down her arms so take your masking tape and mark out two stripes on each arm. Again, protect the rest of the shirt and spray away! On her left sleeve, there is blue in between each red strip as well as above and all the way to the cuff. So you’ll need to remove your original tape and then tape over the red stripes to protect them from the blue. Once you’re ready, spray on the blue colour. Use a brush to create a blended effect at the top end like harley has in the movie.

Finally let this dry and once its dry, peel off all the tape! This was so satifying btw. Next just use a sponge to blend out the red edges cos we wanna make it look as close to the movie version as possible. Finally take a black sharpie as trace around the edges of the words to create a bubble effect.

Next put on some fishnets and then pull your shorts over those.
For the shorts, you’ll need a plain pair of shorts, fabric paint and masking tape. Mark out the halfway point with tape and spray one half red. Next remove the tape and protect the red edge with tape as well and then spray the other half blue. Use a brush to fill in any missed spots. Let this dry and then peel off the tape and you’re done!

Harley wears some tall white boots, which i didnt have so instead i wore some long white socks and some white sneakers which happened to be platformed. Finsh off her look with some accesories including a belt, wrist bands, fingerless gloves and finally her favourite baseball bat – now you can be as crazy as harley!

STARBUCKS Rainbow Drink Costume

To make a straw head piece, you’ll need a sheet of green cardboard, some tape, a headband and an exacto knife. Roll up the cardboard to any size you like and secure the shape with some clear tape. Next make 2 cuts into the bottom of the straw and push your headband through those cuts and you’re done! If you like, you can secure this with extra tape so that the straw doesnt slide along the headband.
To make the logo, simply print out the logo, cut it out and stick it onto a round piece of cardboard. Next to stick this onto your dress, you’ll need some stick on velcro.

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