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20 AMAZING Life HACKS & DIYS for the Holidays That you MUST try!


1. Santa cups

Its not christmas without santa, and what better way is there to dress up a party cup than a santa costume? This DIY is super easy, all you need is a red party cup, some black ribbon, a button and some gold paint. First paint your button gold – you may need a few coats – and then let it dry. Measure out a strip of black ribbon by wrapping it around the cup and cut it to size. Then when your button is dry, hot glue it right into the middle of the ribbon, and then glue the ribbon onto the cup. Then simply glue the ends together to finish it off and that’s it! This DIY is so simple, but completely changes your boring cups into something bright and festive at your holiday party and it’s great because there’s no washing up! I’d make a whole row of these side by side, and I think itd look epic!

2. Snow jars

I’ve always loved snow globes but snow jars are also so fun and you can actually make your own super easily. All you need is a mason jar, some xmas tree ornaments, and fake snow. Simply glue your tree onto the lid with hot glue, then fill your mason jar with a bit of fake snow. Screw on the lid upside down and then you’re ready, flip the mason jar upside down. The snow falls to the bottom of the jar and covers the tree on the way down so it really looks like it’s snowing in our mini xmas world! You can experiment with different jar shapes and sizes as well like this one! So definitely have fun with this DIY and make it your own!

3. Christmas tree cone

These cute trees are a great way to decorate the dinner table during the holidays! In order to make a delicate cone shaped christmas tree, you’ll need some twine, brochure paper, hot glue, and some small decorative stars. The first thing you need to do is twist the magazine paper into a cone shape and then tape it in place. Then use scissors to cut the base of the cone so its flat and also a small slit into the bottom of the cone. Then take your twine and put the end through the small slit to hold it in place. Then just keep wrapping and wrapping until you get to the top. Next take hot glue and basically just glue the whole thing together using various patterns. Try not to get the glue directly onto the paper. I saw a lot of tutorials saying to use mod podge or glue or corn starch but these ended up sticking to the paper too much. When its dry, just take your tree off the cone and it should look like this. Next take your decorative stars, put a tiny bit of hot glue on them and just stick them kinda randomly on your tree. I put a star on the top as well and thats it ur done! I tried a few different colours and sizes and they all turned out amazing! I love how delicate and intricate these trees look, and they just give off a different kinda vibe compared to the standard trees, what do you guys think?

4. Mason jar lights

In order to make these amazing light decorations, you’ll need a mason jar, some book wrapping, frosted glass spray, some ribbons and bells, and an LED candle. Trace an outline of anything you like onto the book wrapping, i drew an angel but you can write a letter or anything you want. Cut it out carefully and then stick it onto your mason jar. Take your frosted glass spray and spray a light coat onto the jar, and rotate the jar so you coat all of it. Try to do this in a ventilated space which is not what I did and I regret. When it’s dry, simply peel off your sticker and you should be left with something like this. Now tie some bells onto your ribbon ends and then tie this around the neck of your jar. Then put an LED candle inside and close the lid and we are done. I also did a christmas tree design and a star shape and I love how they all turned out. These decorations are so pretty and create a really nice ambience to your home or along your garden, at night.

5. Pine cone tree

You know its xmas when you start seeing pine cones everywhere, so Ive got a cute DIY that turns a pine cone into a xmas tree. You’ll need a pine cone, a small terracotta pot, some green gold and silver paint, some white pebbles and a decorative star. FIrst paint your terracotta pot silver and you may need a few layers to fully coat it. Next paint your pine cone. Paint the inside of the scales green, and the bottom and sides of the scales gold. Next I just put a little bit of tissue paper into the bottom of the pot to give my pine cone some height, and then placed some white pebbles around the edges to hold it up. Lastly glue a star onto the top of the cone and you’re done! These look like a cross between a xmas tree and a succulent, and i love succulents anyways so i’ll probably keep these around even way after xmas is over!

6. Strawberry santa

MMM lets eat some SANTASSS!! A great and healthy xmas snack are strawberry santas. You need some fresh strawberries, some thickened cream, and some black sesame or poppy seeds. First you need to whisk the cream until it forms stiff peaks so it can hold its shape. My cat totally sniffed out the cream and came running so try and do it in private XD! Then spoon the cream into a piping container or bag. Then cut the stem off the strawberry so it has a flat base to stand on, and then cut a triangle shape off the tip. Make santas face by piping some cream onto the cut surface and then replace the tip of the strawberry back on – which becomes his santa hat. Add some buttons and a pompom with the remaining cream. Finally put two poppy seeds onto the cream to make his eyes. This is definitely the cutest way to have strawberries and cream. If you do this with a whole pack of strawberries you’ll end up with a strawberry santa family, which you then murder..i mean eat. Honestly I took my eyes off Mia for a second and this is what happened. RIP santa, you were too young!

7. Toilet cone gift box

Did you know you can make the cutest gift box out of a toilet paper roll! This hack is great for giving people smaller gifts when you aren’t sure how to wrap them or to make a small candy gift box. Just take a toilet paper roll, squash it flat, and then fold the edges in until they overlap like this. Then put your gift inside before doing the same with the other side. Then use some wrapping paper and ribbon to wrap it up and your done. So now you have a solution for all those small gifts that are too hard to wrap.

8. Marshmallow snowman

There’s something really comforting about hot chocolate, and I’ve got a great way to add some xmas spirit to yours this coming holiday! You’ll need some marshmallows, some craft sticks or toothpicks, a carrot and some chocolate icing. Connect 3 marshmallows by using the craft sticks so they form a head, chest and pelvis. Stick two arms and legs into the bottom two pieces and then a tiny piece of carrot for the nose. Use some chocolate icing to draw on some buttons, eyes and a mouth and your done. I was hoping mine would look a little more like olaf and a litte less weird, but its ok, i like weird! So go ahead and give your snowman an awesome hot chocolate bath and your done! Hot chocolate plus marshmallows! Sign me up! Well i wouldve enjoyed it if Mia didnt get to it first actually…


9. Christmas sock cup warmer

So we probably all have received festive socks at some point. Perhaps it wasn’t the best present but actually if you don’t wear yours they could be perfect cup warmers! Just cut a sock in half, flip it inside out and sew the end closed and you’ve made yourself and awesome festive cup warmer. It’ll keep your drinks nice and warm in the holidays and also protects your hands from getting burnt! Mm it just makes your drinks look so much more cosy XD

10. Christmas tree from napkin

Life’s too short for boring napkins!!! So here’s a hack that can turn a simple napkin into a xmas tree? Just find the corner of the napkin with all the loose folds. Fold each sheet up slightly lower than the previous until the last sheet. Then turn the napkin over and fold down the top to create a triangle. Use thefold as a guide to fold the edges in to form a cone shape . Then turn it over again and fold each triangle shape upwards, whilst tucking the edge under the triangle above. When you finish, it’ll look something like this! Pretty neat right? So have a go and impress your friends next time at the dinner table!

11. Wreath from clothes hangar

If you don’t have a wreath or want a change, you can hack together your own wreath from a clothes hangar and christmas baubles. Just bend the clothes hangar into a circular shape and then untwist the ends of the clothes hangar with some pliers. Take your baubles and just thread them onto the wire. Try to change colours and shapes as you go, I happened to pick this red and silver combination but you can use as many colours as you want. Pack the baubles tightly as you go and they’ll start to bunch up. When you’re done, it should look something like this. I left a small space for some additional christmas decorations which I just secured in place with hot glue. And then you’re done! It looks so pretty and is definitely a nice change to the usual wreaths I see everyday.

12. Wreath hangar

A second wreath hack is instead of using tape or nails, you can hang the wreath with a wall hanger. Just tie some ribbon or string around your wreath, and then place a wall hangar upside down on the other side of the door and loop the string around it. It’ll hold the wreath perfectly, and you won’t need to damage your door to do it.

13. Fairy lights + ping pong balls

If you’re tired of your old xmas lights and want a bit of a change, you can spice it up with some table tennis balls from your local dollar store. For this hack, just simply make a small hole in your table tennis ball with a sharp scissor just big enough for the light to go through and push it through. Mine fit really snugly without needing anything else, but you can use a small amount of glue to secure it if you want. Then just keep doing it until you’re happy with the amount! These cast a really gentle light instead of the usual bright harsh light and give off a soft feeling which I think is super pretty!

14. Rubbish bin wrapped

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to take a xmas picture but all the wrapping and rubbish from the presents are in the background? It can ruin the perfect picture, so instead, just take a carefully opened present box or use some leftover wrapping, and wrap up a large container or your bin for all the rubbish and it will blend in with your xmas background – no ugly bins in sight!

15. Egg carton bauble

A great way to protect your delicate christmas baubles is to put them in an egg carton. That way you won’t have to worry about them getting squashed and damaged when you pack up all your christmas decorations. Eggstremely useful right? Haha

16. Xmas lights + coat hanger

Xmas lights can be such a pain to pack away, and most of the time ends up becoming a huge tangled mess. A great hack is to use a coat hanger and just wrap it around that! Its easy to store and next time you wanna use it, you wont be spending ages trying to untangle it first!

17. Create instant snow

Don’t have instant snow? You can actually make your own using the inside of a nappy. It’s called sodium polyacrylyate which are also in orbeez. It basically absorbs water like crazy and expands like 100 times its original size. Just sprinkle it around wherever you like and add water! It’s so easy but so fun to watch grow. Or you could drop it all over the floor like me. I could seriously do this a million times just to see it grow in front of my eyes! Just look at how it covers this xmas scene! So if you can find this stuff at your local store then that’s great but if you can’t you can always get some from the inside of nappies.

18. Erupting snow

A great way to make sensory snow is simply to use some baking soda and shaving cream. Just mix the two ingredients together and you’ll start to create this awesome snow that feels so realistic! It smells great and is even cold to the touch. You can play with it just like it is, or even make snowballs and have a snowball fight! The best thing about this snow is that you can make it erupt by using some vinegar. The best way to do this is to pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it over your snow!

19. Crystal stars

These crystal shapes are perfect as Christmas tree decorations!!! In order to make christmas star crystals, you’ll need borax, pipe cleaners, some mason jars, popsicle sticks and string. Bend the pipe cleaners to any shape you like, I decided to go with a star. Then attach it to a popsicle with some string. Take 2 cups of boiling water and add half a cup of borax and mix until its all melted. Pour this into a mason jar and then hand your pipe cleaners inside, just make sure they aren’t touching the side. After 6-24 hours they should look like this! The borax basically forms crystals around the pipe cleaners as the water cools down and I think this looks so pretty!

20. Toilet Roll Wrapping

Wrapping paper can be a pain to store if they keep unravelling. A great hack is to take a toilet paper roll and cut it in half and then pop it onto your wrapping paper. The roll keeps its shape pretty well and you won’t need to use sticky tape which usually sticks and ruins the wrapping paper when you try and peel it off! Plus I think it looks kinda cool!

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