20 MYTHS You Still Believe But SHOULDN’T!!

We only use 10% of our brains

So the first myth is that we actually only use 10% of our brains. People who believe this myth feel that if we could figure out a way to use more of our brain power, then we could become more intelligent or even develop super powers. I really wish this myth was true because Ive like always wanted superpowers, but unfortunately it isnt. Science has shown that we pretty much use all of our brains all the time. Some parts might be less active than others, but there’s no part of our brain that’s ever doing absolutely nothing. Goodbye invisibility, goodbye telekinesis…

If u don’t wear a coat, you’ll get sick

So whos ever been told by their parents that you’ll catch a cold if you dont wear a jacket out on winter? My guess is pretty much everyone including myself. But this is a total myth. It’s something that’s just been passed down generation after generation and for some reason, no one bothers to question it. But the truth is, you dont actually catch a cold from being cold or wet. You catch colds from viruses passed on from other people, and this just happens more frequently in cold seasons. But it’s got nothing to do with whether you’re rugged up or not! I still wouldnt recommend going out into the snow with a singlet and shorts though

Einstein was a bad student

So i’ve always heard people say that einstein was a bad student. I’ve never really questioned it until now, But apparently it’s actually not true. It was probably spread around by lazy students hoping to justify not doing their homework or something. The truth is he was always brilliant at school. The reason why people may have been confused is that grades were actually scored from 1-6 in his school and he always scored 1 which was the top grade. But then one term he scored a 6 and people assumed he failed but it was actually that the school had randomly reversed their grading system!

More homework = better grades

More homework equals better grades. You’d think this would make sense but studies have shown that it’s actually not true. I wish my teachers knew this when I was at school because I never really liked doing homework. So basically studies found that homework is good to some degree, but when there’s too much, it actually leads to worse grades. The reason is that it actually makes students more stressed and leads to a negative association with study and learning which is actually the opposite of what teachers should be encouraging. Havent you found that when you’re forced to do something you usually dont like it, but when you do something for yourself, your super motivated? Well this is the same kind of idea.

You need less sleep as you get older

You need less sleep as you get older. I don’t know why I used to think this but I think its something that a lot of people say as a matter of fact. However, research has shown you need just as much sleep when your old as when you’re young. The reason why we sometimes feel like older people sleep less is because they tend to nap more during the day and sleep less at night. This is awesome for me because you guys know how much i like to sleep so now all of us lazycorns have an excuse! Just keep in mind that this doesnt mean you should oversleep, because that isnt good for you either.

Don’t swim after eating or you’ll cramp up and drown

Have you ever heard your parents or others say that you should wait half an hour after eating food before you can go swimming? It was quite a common belief in the past and some people still believe it today. People were worried that eating diverted blood from your muscles towards your stomach and that this would cause your arms and legs to cramp up and stop working, which could lead to you drowning. But this is a total myth and there has never been a single documented case of this happening. Also you might feel like you’re a little more sleepy after a big meal, but never to the point that you cant use your arms or legs. So swim anytime you like, and no more waiting around!

Swallowed gum stays in you for 7 years

If you swallow your gum, it’ll stay inside you for 7 years. So I definitely don’t recommend swallowing your gum, but just in case you do by accident, it wont stay inside your body for 7 years so dont worry. Its true that you cant fully digest the gum, but all that happens is the gum gets pooped out in a matter of days, alongside everything else you dont digest. Hope I didnt spoil your appetite!

Shaving hair makes it grow thicker

Have you been told not to shave your hair because it’ll grow back thicker? I used to get told this all the time! And I used to be so scared to shave my hair and come back to school the next week looking like chewbacca. (wookie video). But thankfully this isn’t true. The reason people think believe this myth, is because after you shave, the cut end of your hair feels thicker than before. But thats only because cutting the hair ends makes it slightly uneven and thicker to touch, but the rest of your hair isn’t any thicker at all! So if you’ve been wanting to shave your eyebrows or legs or upper lip, then go right on ahead and don’t be scared!

Never wake a sleepwalker

Never wake up a sleepwalker because it can harm them. Again this is simply not true. Yes it can be disorientating to be woken up out of your own bed. But this is actually more dangerous for the person waking them up as they are more likely to get a smack in the face due to shock and the sleepwalker themselves arent at any risk. In fact sometimes it can actually be way more dangerous to not wake up a sleepwalker if you notice they’re about to do something harmful.

Sitting too close to a tv/computer ruins your vision

I’m sure all of you have been told to not sit too close to your tv or computer screen right? Because itll damage your eyes and you’ll eventually end up needing glasses. But I’m sorry to say that this is also a myth. Opthalmologists have agreed that whilst it may put a temporary strain on your eyes, it usually does not cause any long term problems. If you’re short sighted, chances are you were always going to be short sighted whether you watched tv too closely or not.

Sit down restaurants are healthier than fast food

Sit down restaurants are healthier than fast food restaurants. This is a myth that many restaurants would love for you to believe. But studies have shown that people who sit down for their meals are more likely to eat more calories than those who take it on the go, as well as more sodium and just as much fat. The truth is, you should limit eating out in general, but if you are going to eat out, do your homework about what your eating. A lot of fast food chains now have a lot of nutritional information out in the open and also have vegetarian options so they may not  be the worst option.

Dark roast has more caffeine

Dark roast coffee has more caffeine than light roast coffee. I can understand how this one came about, because a dark roast has stronger flavours and more bitterness which leads people to believe that the caffeine content is higher. But the intense flavour is actually due to the longer roasting time, not the caffeine content. They actually have very similar levels of caffeine so you should pick one that suits your taste

Cats always and on their feet

I’ve heard the myth that cats always land on their feet. I think for the most part it is true because they’re so agile and can actually rotate their body mid fall to land on their feet (insert picture). But I own 2 super cut kitties and i know for a fact that they are way clumsier than the stories would have you think. I’ve literally seen both of them slip and fall right onto their backs or sides. But they always walk away like “what.. I meant to do that”

Goldfish have a 3 sec memory

I’ve been told that i have the memory of a goldfish, which is to say, i have a 3 second memory. Ive been told that I have the memory of a goldfish, which is to say, i have a 3 second memory…hmmm. But this is a myth and is actually untrue. Studies have shown goldfish can remember things for up to 5 months!

Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb

Thomas edison is often said to have invented the light bulb but he was actually only the first person to patent it and make a commercially viable light bulb. The first person to make a working light bulb was actually a man called Humphrey Davy in 1806, 73 years earlier than Edison!

Sugar causes hyperactivity

Don’t eat too much sugar before bed or you’ll become hyperactive. I’m sure we’ve all heard this growing up. And sometimes it really does seem like its true. But you guessed it! It’s also a myth. Sugar has actually been shown to have nothing to do with hyperactivity. The effect we see is actually all a placebo caused by adults and other kids that are around. Doesnt mean you should go around eating loads of sugar, it has a number of other negative health effect that definitely are not myths!

Bulls are enraged when they see red

Bulls become angry when they see red. Thats why they charge at the matadors who wave around the red cape right? Wrong. In fact bulls cant even see the colour red, they’re actually colour-blind to red. The truth is they’ll just charge at anything thats moving around regardless of the colour! So I guess you’re better off making small movement if you ever find yourself trapped with an angry bull than run around like a crazy person!

Dropping a penny from the empire state build can kill a person

According to a myth, a penny dropped from the empire state building can kill a person below, or crack the concrete. In reality, the penny is not heavy enough to gather enough speed whilst falling because it only weighs 2.5g. It’ll actually spin as it falls and the wind resistance will slow it down too much for it to kill someone or crack the pavement. At most if it hits you, it’ll only hurt a bit. But this doesnt apply to heavier objects like screws or bolts. Either way, its still not a good idea to be throwing things off tall buildings because  you’re still littering.

Cracking joints will give u arthritis

Cracking your joints will give you arthritis. I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard this from someone at some point but there isn’t a single shred of truth to it. It’s mainly just said to scare you from doing it.

If you leave a tooth in coca cola overnight, it will dissolve into nothing

Has your teacher ever told you how bad coke is for you? And then used an example where if you leave a tooth in a glass of coke overnight the tooth will completely disintegrate? Hands up if you have. I know I have. Again this is not true, if you leave a tooth overnight it’ll still be there in the morning. I mean, there are plenty of good reasons to stay away from soft drinks, but this isn’t one of them.



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