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30 DIY GIFT WRAPPING HACKS & IDEAS For Presents Everyone Should Know! Fun for Christmas!



1. Cutout Wrapping
Start off with your present wrapped in one colour first. Then pick a different wrapping colour and mark out where the top of the present will sit by folding the edges down. Now once that’s done use a pencil on the back of the wrapping paper and mark out a shape to cut out. I drew some crosses and these look like cute little studs when it’s complete. Once you’ve marked out where you will cut use a exacto knife to cut out a shape. Then finish wrapping your present and fold up you cut outs and you’ll see cute colours peeking through like this!

I also did another one where I cut out a heart shape stencil. I then traced half of the heart and cut it out. If you place a pink or red wrapping underneath, once it’s wrapped and folded back it’ll look like a heart pattern on top of your present! It looks so professional and special and they won’t even know where you found such special wrapping paper!

2. Spare Fabric Wrapping

If you have any scrap fabric lying around it can also make a great gift wrap! MAke sure it’s a square first then simply place your gift in the center with the corner facing diagonally. The take opposite corners and tie a knot in the middle. Take the other corners and tie a knot on top. Repeat the process again with the opposite corners until you’ve done 2 knots on each corner and you’re done! This is based upon a Japanese wrapping technique and it looks great with a flower threaded through the knot! It’s so elegant and great for gifts that are odd shapes!

3. Potato Stamping

Create your own gift wrapping by using a potato a stamp pad and plain butchers paper or even a cut up paper grocery bag! First cut up your potato into shapes you can work with. I did a triangle, a semicircle and a rectangle and I’ll show you what I’m going to do with it. Grab some stamp pads or paint on some foam and start stamping. I started off with some yellow triangles and you’ll soon know what I’m going to make! I’m taking the semicricle and white and placing this on top of my triangles!! Look it’s a cute ice cream :)!! You can be so creative with just plain shapes and oclours so let your imagination run wild and create as many designs as you want! I Made the triangle thinner and then dipped it in a green stamp pad to create a festive wrapping design!! Can you guess what it is? I’ll take the rectangle now and complete the design! Yup a simple christmas tree made out of 2 simple potato shapes!! Once it’s dry simple wrap up your presents and no one will even know you made it! It looks super tumblery!

4. Pencil Stamping

A really easy way to make your own design is with a stamp pad and the back of your pencil. Use the eraser as a stamp and create dots on plain brown paper or grocery bag paper and you have a super cute dot wrapping paper that looks completely store bought! You can do one colour or 2 like me for a bit more interest! Now just rap!

5. Cup Box

This is a perfect gift box for small gifts or candy! Take a paper cup with a pattern that you like and cut off the top edge of the cup. Now fold the cup in half and trim off the top so it’s straight and even. At this point you can pop your gift inside. Now seal your box closed with some washi tape along the top and tape it closed. You can hole punch one side and attach a tag for the finishing touch!! This is literally so cute I had to make it again with another coloured cup and glitter washi tape and you should try as many different designs and combinations because it’s literally so easy and fun to make but looks amazing and unique!!

6. Circular wrapping

When I wrap circular tins and things it ends up looking like a huge mess but here’s a way to wrap these shapes and have it look neat!! Well first few times may need a bit of practise like me but eventually you’ll get there and it’ll be worth it!! Simply tape your wrapping paper to the edge of your tin and have enough for it to go around. You’ll have to do this on both sides so grab an open side and what you want to do is start pleating it around in a circle. Fold it in with your fingers and repeat this process until you get all the way around. Also a great tip is to start off with tissue paper or softer wrapping paper that doesn’t keep creases in to practise and then move on to thicker more foldable wrapping paper. Once you’re at the end you can fold in the open side and tuck it underneath. Now you’ll have some excess in the middle. The best thing to do to close it off neatly is to find a circular sticker or something to go over the middle to over up the loose ends. You can also use washi tape to tape it closed to keep it neat. And that’s it!! With some practice it’ll get easier and easier and it looks so professional!!

7. Cereal Box

I’ve seen lots of wrapper up cereal box bags but this hack was super unique so I had to share it. Cut up a ceral box down the middle. I chose the side that doesn’t have the tab to cut down. Open it up but cutting down the sides too so it lookes like this when you’re done. Now what you wanna do is fold it in half so you create a create like this. Now fold the bottom side again in half so it ends up looking like this. Now cut down the sides like this to start creating your box. Now that you’ve got the middle portion open fold down the top section like this. The fold should be the same height as the section in the middle. Once this is done cut off the excess sides which are the rectangular corners. You should end up with something that looks like this. Now flip your shape around and start assembling your box. Fold the top side in and tuck it under. Secure it with hot glue for best results but I chose tape at this point because I wanted to make sure it was all folded well before I stuck it together. Then fold the sides in. I noticed I had excess cardboard so I trimmed it down a bit more. The stick the flaps close to create the final edge. Now this is the fun bit. The flap you have now actually can be folded over and tucked into a little opening on the other side so it kind of fits together perfectly without being taped shut. Simply add a little decoration on the top and you have a super professional looking gift box made out of your cereal box!! Sooo cool!!

8. Box Bag

You can also make an amazing gift bag by recycling cardboard packaging. Simply cut off the flaps on any box till you have a clean edge. Now use wrapping paper and wrap up the box like you would any present but tucking in the edges in the inside of the box. Now grab a hole puncher and punch 2 holes on the top edge to fit in the handles. Grab thick ribbon, I found this amazing holo tubing and thread it through the hole and tie a knot bigger than your hole punched hole so it will hold in place. Do this on both sides and you have a handle!! Now you have a perfect bag to fit your gifts in that looks amazing and it’s great for the environment too!!

9. Straw Tags

Did you know you can totally cut up these cute straw to create dags and decorations on your gifts. Just thread them through some string and make any shape you want like stars by wrapping the string around your present in different patterns! I chose to make a triangle hang tag because it was the easiest and made my present look so tumblery!

10. Knitted boxes

A great way to decorate plain wrapping paper is to use some knitting yarn!! If you have any lying around the house you can tie some in various colours to spice up a boring present and to make it look so much more cosy! I feel the knitted vibe really creates a wintery warmth that you won’t get with any store bought wrapping paper and you can do any design and colour that you like!! Seriously love this and it’s so easy!!

11. Printing Photo Design (TBD)

To personalise your wrapping paper simply print out a collage of some photos of you and your gift receiver in black and white onto some paper!! Use this to wrap your present and it’ll be so thoughtful and tear jerking to the receiver! It’s also a great way for you to remember some really fun times you’ve had with your friends and family during the year! Seriously the feels right now.

12. Pom Pom Decorations

A great way to make your present stand out is with these tissue paper pom poms!! You can buy them at the store for a few dollars for about 4-6 of them or make them yourself. But once they are puffed up they are super adorable! They are perfect to finish of cylindrical presents!

13. LEGO (TBD)

If you really can’t find a box try making one out of lego pieces!! This is also a great way to gift lego lovers some extra pieces along with their present and afterwards you can totally break apart the box and create a masterpiece together as a activity and a keepsake!! Less waste and more fun!!

14. Leftover Tin Cans

Don’t through away your used tins, they can be great to store little presents that are oddle shaped! Simply wrap up the edges and you’re done! If you want you can also paint or spray paint the lids to a solid colour to match or you can paint the whole tin as well if you don’t want to wrap it. Recycling makes me happy!

15. Cookie Tags
I love this edible gift idea! Grab some cookie dough and cut out some fun shapes. Grab a straw and poke 2 holes through the middle of your cookies before you bake them!! Now bake them according to instructions and you might want to check on them and poke the holes in them if they spread and close off during the cooking process. Let them cool down and you’ll have the perfect finishing touch to any present! Simply thread a piece of string through the holes before tieing up your gift and it’s done. Your present will give off such a sweet scent that’ll make the present even more enjoyable!

16. Chip Packet Wrapper

This hack blew my mind. Just cut up the back of a chip packet down the middle and carefully open up the sides without ripping which is hard so you might want to cut this part too. Now use some detergent and water and wipe off all the oily bits and crumbs. Dry it with a tissue and now you have super expensive looking silver wrapping paper!! Cut it up to size, if it’s a small present you can even wrap up two with one chip packet and finish it off with some ribbon and you’re done!! No one will know this was the aftermath of you stuffing your face in front of netflix XD.

17. Garland Dip

Bring the party vibe to your wrapping by adding confetti to your present! Simply create some confetti by stamping out colored paper using a hole puncher and shape puncher until your have some fun shapes and colours! Then use some stick tape and collect bits of confetti onto it until you have a fun pattern. Simply stick it on your gift like you would ribbon and you can create different fun designs. You can use double sided tape instead as well and just dip away!!

18. Glitter Dip

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter in their life?? Grab some double sided tape and stick it in any pattern you want the glitter to show on your present. Now simply pour some glitter out and dip the tape onto it to add a bit of sparkle to your gift. Seriously it’s sooo pretty and easy to do and I would love to receive a present with some sparkly happiness on it!!

19. Wine Wrapping

This is a super fun way to wrap wine bottles! Get about 5 layers of tissue paper and cut it to size leaving a bit below and also a few inches above the top. Now cut out these long petal shapes finishing off around the neck of the bottle. Now wrap around the bottle and tape it closed. Wrap the bottom end using the circular wrapping pleats and close it off. Tie a string or ribbon around the neck of the bottle and start fluffing out the top layers. This will create a beautiful flower on the top of your wine bottle which makes it such a unique way to give a bottle of wine. You can do this for various cylindrical shapes too!

20. CD HOlo

Holo Holo Holo, I know you holosexuals are always lurking so this ones for you! Get an old cd and break it apart into little various shapes. I used some scissor to cut out pieces and yes can be sharp and be dangerous so get someone to supervise if you need it or wear some protective gloves. Once you have your pieces simply glue it on the top of your present by piecing them together, you can use hot glue or craft glue. I loved how it looked on black wrapping but you can try any color combination. I also found using tweezers easier for small shapes and it’s an oddly calming exercise. Once you’re done your gift will be hololicious. Look at how reflective it is. I could stare at this all day really.

21. Paper Strip Pom Pom

This is a fun way to decorate any present! Grab some coloure or patterned paper and fold it in half. Now cut little strips all the way down till you reach the end. USe a pencil and roll it up and you’ll have a cute curly pattern when you open it. You can stick this on top of any present to give it a bit of fun kick and a perfect way to use left over bits of wrapping paper you have left lying around.

22. Foldover Pocket wrap

I love this wrapping method for books and rectangular shapes. Cut the wrapping paper to the normal size you would for the gift but place the rectanlge up in the corner like this. Fold the top edge down and the side edge so it sits flush and tape it down. Take the long end and bend the corner in and fold it down like this. This should create an edge and the wrapping paper may go over to the other side as well but that’s ok. Now take the final corner fold along the edge to create a clean line then fold it up and tape it down. Now you’ve created 2 pockets to place your card in. And I also put in this cute face mask for a relaxing pamper session in the second pocket, or you can put in movie tickets or polaroids! It’s up to you!

23. Wrapping Bag

For oddly shaped gifts you can make your own gift bag out of wrapping paper. Fold your wrapping paper into a tube with the ends meeting in the middle and tape it down. Now fold the bottom section up and in to make these triangles. Tape this down. Now fold up the triagle on the top and botton and take it down. This creates a base and makes your warpping paper into a bag. Simply take down the top hole punch it and tie some ribbon to make it complete! And we’re done! You can make this any size you want and it’s a great way to give hard to wrap presents like clothes or accessories!

24. How to tie a bow

Sometimes a neat bow is all you need to finish off a gift. Never underestimate how this small decoration can turn your simple boring present into a masterpiece. After you’ve tied your bow, cut a small triangle out of each end and it’l look super cute.

You can make as many different designs as you like!

25. Pom Pom Decorations

Another great way to decorate gift is with these cute pom poms!!1 simply hot glue them onto various parts of a present and you have the cutest fluffiest gift ever!! Seriously I’m addicted to these pom poms I wanna stick them everywhere.

26. Cone Bag

For candy or trinkets this is the perfect way to wrap it. Grab some wrapping paper and create a cone shape. Tape it together with double sided tape or you can staple it and it’ll create this cone with a triangular flap to close. No hole punch the bottom and top and use this to tie it closed with a ribbon!! And now you’re done!

27. Button (TBD)

A button is a great finishing touch for a gift. Just use some decorative string and wrap it around the present using the button hole as a mid point. Now finish it off by tieing a knot on top and your gift si as cute as a button! hehe.

28. Stamp (TBD)

Make your present look like it’s been mialed by sticking on some stamps on the corner and writing their address on the top of your present. You can use old stamps too by simply soaking them in water till they lift off and dry it so you don’t have to waste any new stamps on this design. So cute!


Old sweater sleeves or spare socks can be a great way to wrap circular objects!! Just cut out a tube and sew one side closed and tie it up with a ribbon! East and cosy!! Great for a wintery feel or to protect delicate glass presents!

30. Sharpie (TBD)
If all else fails and you don’t have a ribbon, just draw your own with a sharpie!! It actually looks pretty neat and it totally looks like you did it on purpose. 😉

Shot of 24th december close
Wakes up slowly and happy – wide
Takes phone – tight
Looks at it- wide
Sits up quickly – tight, half body
Face – OMG i still havent wrapped my presents!!
Out of bed – tight

Runs into living room – wide-ish
Close pan of presents
Noo what am i gonna do? Hands on head – close face
How do i even wrap you?? – holds wine bottle/ or you cylinder/or you small bauble
Sits down, blows hair up – i need help

Dual screen – wengie pops up! Dont worry! Leave it to me!

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