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DIY EDIBLE CHRISTMAS PRANKS You Should Try On Friends and Family!!

1. Edible Present Gummy ring/necklace + glitter

DIY: For this DIY, you’ll need a gummy lolly of any shape you like, an adjustable ring, and some edible glitter. Gently pull apart your ring so you can fit your gummy. And then just skewer the gummy straight onto the ring. Make sure the gummy is upside down and as you push it around the band, it’ll turn upright. Then I used some sugar glue to paint onto the gummy before sprinkling the glitter on it, but you can use water, it’ll still work just fine. Even though this ring was originally a prank, I fell in love with how shiny and cute it ended up looking, and really didnt want to eat it.

2. Edible snow

DIY: So this isn’t really a DIY, but its so cool as an edible prank that I had to include it. I never realised how similar desiccated coconut and snow looked until today. So basically in any of your DIYs where you would normally use fake snow, try using some coconut instead to surprise your friends and family!

3. Glitter cherries

DIY: In order to make edible christmas foliage, you’ll need some cherries, sugar glue, and edible gold glitter. Just paint the surface of the cherry with your glue and then dust it with your glitter and you’re done! If you can’t find sugar glue, another method is actually to coat the surface with some egg white. When the glitter dries, your cherry will look identical to your decorations and you’ll be ready to give someone a tasty surprise!


4. Edible Snowman Ornaments

DIY: A great way to make an edible snowman is actually to use some moldable icing for cakes, and whatever edible things you want for eyes, nose, and arms. I happened to use poppy seeds and carrots cos thats what I had. Just knead the icing until its nice and soft and roll it into a big ball and a smaller ball. THen I used some poppy seeds to decorate the buttons and eyes, and then cut up some carrots for the nose and arms. He looks pretty convincing even when next to a snowman decoration so you’ll be able to fool even the most suspecting.

5. Fairy floss santa beard

DIY: Just take some white fairy floss or candy cane and shape it into the best fluffiest santa beard you can imagine. Leave a small gap for the mouth and your done. I used some sugar glue to hold it in place on my mouth but if you don’t have that, you can wet some hardy candy and rub that around your mouth and that’ll hold the fairy floss in place because its so light!

6. Edible Tree

DIY: To make an edible xmas cone tree, you’ll need a waffle cone, some pipable icing and a decorative star. First step is to flatten the base of the cone so it’ll stand upright. You can break bits off with your fingers or use a bread knife to gently saw it off. Then pipe your icing sugar all over the cone in a spiral shape until you reach the bottom. Then put a little bit on the top to hold your star and you’re done! You might not fool anyone with this by itself, but in a group of, they probably wont even notice that one of them looks slightly…mmm…delicious

7. Edible Bauble

DIY: TO make your gummy bauble, you’ll need some water, gelatin, jelly flavors, a spherical mold, and some fishing line. Add roughly 3 tablespoons of gelatin to 100mL of water for one bauble and boil it until all dissolved. Then add your jelly flavouring until the colour looks right. Tie some knots in the fishing line and then pop it into the mold leaving a loop coming out the top so you can hang it on your tree. Then pour in your gummy mixture into the mold and leave it in the fridge to set. When its set, take it out of the mold, and thread a bauble top through the fishing line and stick it into the gummy to make it look realistic. These actually legit look amazing when hanging on a tree and no one will suspect otherwise!

8. Edible wrapping paper

DIY: TO make edible wrapping paper, you’ll need some wafer paper and edible paint along with some ribbon to complete the wrapping. Pour out some some paint and then use large brush strokes to paint the surface of the wafer paper on one side. I used green because it was christmas. When its dry, flip it over and then find a present to wrap up. Because the paper is quite brittle, you’ll have to be careful when you fold the wrapping paper and definitely cut along the folds so it doesn’t break. Then complete your present prank with some real ribbon and the stage is set!


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