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HOW TO STOP WATER IN TIME!! 5 Amazing Water Tricks & Hacks! Satisfying DIY Experiment!




Bending Lasers

First poke a small hole in the bottom of your bottle with either a nail or screw.
Then cover the hole with your finger as you pour in some cold water.
When you’re ready, let go of the bottle and a stream of water should come out from the bottom.
Errr …and try to catch it in a bowl so you dont make a mess like me
Then shine your laser pointer right onto the hole and look at what happens!
The laser light gets completely reflected within the water stream so that it doesnt escape until it reaches the bottom!
This works best in dark conditions as you can see! It looks so magical! Now just imagine setting up some unicorn coloured lasers and making the coolest water feature ever!


Water Seperator

First pour some hot water into one shot glass, and cold water into another
Now before we get to the actual trick, i wanna show you something cool
Next add some food coloring into each shot glass, i used blue for cold and red for hot
Now carefully take a plastic card and flip the hot glass upside down without letting any water spill
Place it on top of the cold glass and carefully slide out the card
This amazing trick works because hot water rises and therefore doesn’t mix with the cold water below it
So when the situation is reversed, this is what happens
See how the water just mixed and became just one colour
Its just not as cool so…i destroyed it
This principle also works with water, and oil – because they are different densities
I mixed food colouring into the water, and glitter into the oil
But because water and oil don’t mix, look what happens
I dunno about you guys, but i found that SO satisfying


Satisfying Skittle Rainbow Water

So this next one is so easy.
Just cut open a packet of your favourite skittles
And arrange them on any flat plate you have at home with a raised edge
When you’re ready, pour in a few millimeters of hot water
You can do as many shapes and patterns as you like
I could honestly watch this for days
The best thing about this is, you can eat them afterwards!

Never Popping Balloon

For the next balloon, the trick is to fill it up with water first, before putting it over the flame
Tie the end off and you’re ready to go


To stop water in time:

Speaker thing
A powered speaker
Water source
Soft rubber hose
Tone generating software –
24 fps camera

Run the rubber hose down past the speaker so that the hose touches the speaker. Leave about 1 or 2 inches of the hose hanging past the bottom of the speaker. Secure the hose to the speaker with tape or whatever works best for you. The goal is to make sure the hose is touching the actual speaker so that when the speaker produces sound (vibrates) it will vibrate the hose.

Set up your camera and switch it to 24 fps. The higher the shutter speed the better the results. But also keep in the mind that the higher your shutter speed, the more light you need. Run an audio cable from your computer to the speaker. Set your tone generating software to 24hz and hit play.Turn on the water. Now look through the camera and watch the magic begin. If you want the water to look like it’s moving backward set the
frequency to 23hz. If you want to look like it’s moving forward in slow motion set it to 25hz.


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