A Stripy Skater Skirt Meow Meow Crop Top and Turquoise Heels | Wengie's Style Point

Hey girlies :D!!!

I totally love my meow top. I got it from H&M and I think it's the cutest most flattering top with high waisted pieces, especially skirts! I also got this skirt from Taiwan as well for about $5 and it reminded me of the trendy striped items I saw in my ViVi magazines! 

Also vertical stripes are super flattering and lengthening :)!

Style point episode 3!!

and.. pictures :)

Korean Style Beef Wraps | Wengie's Healthy Kitchen

Wraps are so yummy! they are also a great alternative to burgers and if you get wholemeal and multi grain wraps it can be super healthy.

Today I’ll show you how to make a delicious and healthy beef wrap with a Korean style twist.

Video Tutorial



  • Korean style marinated Minced Beef - I’ll show you how to marinate it shortly
  • Your choice of fillings. I have
  • Some sliced onion
  • Mushroom
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Spinach and Rocket
  • A multigrain or wholemeal wrap. I used a mini wrap size so it’s a smaller portions

Step 1 - Marinate your meat

You can easily create the korean style marinated meat by combining a tablespoon of this Kalbi marinade with your minced beef. You can also add chopped onions and garlic in as well for extra flavor.

Step 2 - Prepare your fillings

Prepare your fillings by slicing your onions, chopping up your cherry tomatoes into quarters, and slicing up your mushrooms and preparing your avocado.

Step 3 - Prepare your wrap

Before you start cooking the beef you want to prepare your wrap so it’s ready to go once your meat is done. Lay your wrap down on a plate and use your prepared fillings and fill up your wrap leaving one side empty so you can use it to fold over and hold the wrap.

Step 4 - Cook your meat

Now the important thing to remember is to cook your meat in a long sausage shape so it’s easier to fit in your wrap. I’ve use a spoon and spatula to mould a long shape that is about ¾ the length of your wrap size. I’ve also added the slice onions and are cooking them on the side while the meat is cooking. Once the bottom of the mince is done, flip it over and cook for a few more minutes. It’s ok if it breaks apart slightly.

Step 5 - Assemble

Now put your onions and meat into the wrap. Fold your empty side over to create a pocket and then put the left and right side over one at a time. If you find your wrap is unfolding, you can flip it over so that the side you just folded is on the bottom on the plate.

If you want to serve it nicely you can use a knife and cut it diagonally through the middle.

There we have it, a delicious and healthy korean style beef wrap full off yummy veggies too. The marinated meat is tasty enough so you don’t need to add any extra sauce!

Don’t forget to eat this wrap with a smile.

I hope you enjoyed this easy to make korean style wrap that just soo good to eat!! MMMmm ;)

Tell me, what was in the last wrap you ate?

Also don’t forget to tag me in your cooking creations!!

Make life beautiful


Last weeks recipe: Capsicum Bell Pepper Bake

Denim Florals and Leather go so well together | Wengie's Style Point

So the title of this post is supposed to rhyme :) I thought it was quite neat!! But then again I may be easily amused hahaha :)!!

I had so much fun putting together this outfit!! I love Spring looks, but even though it is getting cold here, I thought I'd do a Spring outfit for your guys up in the Northern Hemisphere (You lucky duckies!)

I also managed to incorporate my floral crown for fun, and you can find the DIY link here:

DIY Flower Crown Hair Accessory 

I've also managed to find similar items to what I wore and linked them below for you too:

Denim Jacket Dupe 
Leather Shorts 
Brown Platform Ankle Boots

Here is the outfit in action with photos below :)

I'll catch you guys soon!!

Much love,


Let him love you for who you are | Real Talk |

I found this and thought I'd share it with you because it's so sweet :)

This is what your dad would love to say to you even if he couldn't express it himself. Especially if he is asian and can't express his emotions.

Even if your dad doesn't feel this way, I'll be your daddy for now ;)! hahah.

I think it's really important that us girls remember that we are not here to please everyone that we meet. There is no way that you will, just be yourself and you'll attract the right person for you, that will love you for who you are.

Don't be afraid to let all your "flaws" show straight away. If he does not love them, then he is not the right person for you. The right person will love you and your flaws because they make you unique.

Remember to share this with your girlfriends, I think it sends a beautiful message we all need to remember :)!!

Much love,


Pink Ombre Hair Tutorial

Pink ombre hair is pretty fun!! I admit it's very out there and I definitely feel like I'm breaking a few rules rocking this crazy colour!

I have had pastel pink hair before, but I would call this more of a fuchsia type colour and a lot more bolder and brighter.

For those of you guys saying that I'm damaging my hair, I want to remind you that...

Life's too short to have boring hair :)

Haha joking, these are hair coatings, so will not damage your hair more then it already it damaged (e.g. from the bleach to achieve the blonde colour underneath)

Also since I'm at a point of no return on my hair I figured I might as well have as much fun with it as possible before I chop it off.

Hair is dead anyways hahaha, so thats what I keep telling myself.

Also I'm sure I have the rest of my life to enjoy my natural hair colour. I don't want to be the aunty with the crazy hair, although...I may be that aunty...not sure yet :P

I filmed a tutorial showing you the product I used and how I achieved this hair colour so enjoy :)!

Also want to say that it will fade out to a lighter and lighter colour, so I'm going to be enjoying the various shades of Pink this will take me through. Don't forget to follow me on instagram, twitter or Facebook to keep updated with extra pics of my hair as it fades :)!!

Here is a picture of my hair from the back :)!

Make life beautiful :)!!

Much love,