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This hair straightener is amazing! I was first introduced to it by my hair dresser Stevie English (who dyed my hair this amazing pink, they often do awesome colours and won so many hair awards)

They have all switched to this straightener in the salon and pretty much the feedback has been all extremely positive! I didn't really believe it until I tried it myself while getting my nano max treatment done. Previously I would experience tugging and pulling during the straightening process resulting in some bearable still painful tension on my hair however once they switched to these straighteners it was literally like it just glided through it! I guess that's why they call it the One Glide.

The plates itself are movable and kind of tilt to either side, ensuring that not too much pressure is put on your hair (which is what causes tugging) and letting the amazing plate; which is infused with 32 different minerals that generate negative ions and 24 carat gold; glide through your hair effortlessly.

If you haven't tried hair products with negative ions in them, it's time to try! The difference it makes to your hair is simply amazing. Even I didn't believe it at first, but this straightener left my hair so soft and shiny even though I'm technically putting so much heat through it!

Evy create various products however this particular model is a professional level straightener, and well worth seeking out over the consumer models. Especially if you're looking to invest in a straightener you should consider this model on your shortlist.

Professional models however aren't available for consumer purchase so you'll need to purchase it from a professional supplier. If you're around Bondi or Glebe you can pop into Stevie English to try these babies before you commit. They also sell them so you can order over the phone or email and deliver it Australia wide:

Email lola[@]
Call Bondi: 9387 7791
Call Glebe: 9423 7033

I've owned a GHD for the longest time but this is definitely my replacement model when the time comes!

I managed to borrow it for a review so here it is :)!

My favourite quote of the week is:

This quote really spoke to me and it's something I feel has really changed the way I look at beauty :) I chat about this in my video below :)

Let me know what you guys think as well :)

Brought to you by Nuffnang and MRP

Somewhere inside me lives a designer junkie! I have a little collection of designer pieces that I've collected over the years that I absolutely love. There's my treasured Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, and my, very first designer bag, the Chloe Paddington as well as a guilty collection of Christian Louboutin shoes. There is something about a piece of clothing that has been crafted carefully by a passionate artisan that makes wearing the clothes just that little bit more special.

But recently I have started loving fashion that is affordable too. Something about spending $30 on a dress is satisfying, (both for myself and my wallet) especially when you get compliments on it. In my head I proudly pat myself on the back. I guess I became a huge fan of mixing and matching. I feel it's an art to make your clothing come alive no matter the cost.

A really cool trend lately is awesome designers collaborating with commercial brands to bring out their beautiful design and make it completely affordable too! It's like the best of both worlds for me, you enjoy the design and you also get to pay less for it! Why not :)

So when I heard about this upcoming collaboration on I was so super excited!!

For those of you guys that haven't been on the site, MRP is a fashion forward online store that's completely focused on bringing the latest trends at great prices!

Think tops for $5, sweaters for $15, and dresses and playsuits for under $30! If you're looking for really affordable trendy pieces, this store will have enough of a range to make you giddy for a couple of hours at least :)

So I'm actually really excited to announce that MRP has collaborated with Henry Holland (Designer of House of Holland) and has produced an affordable range of awesome festival worthy ladieswear collection which is being modelled by Chloe Norgaard (think willowy vogue-esque model with amazing unicorn coloured hair).

Henry &Chloe :) You can follow Chloe on instagram as well @ChloeNogaard

The prints are incredibly bold and bright with a awesome use of loud animal print, unstructured but chic shapes and casual jackets that look so comfy and fashionable. I'm a huge fan of these prints! I think they'll be perfect for the summer festival season coming up and great if you just love bright and happy clothing :)!! Ombre ends and crazy coloured hair like Chloe's are optional but incredibly recommended :)

These pieces are all thoughtfully designed by Henry Holland but the great thing is, you can grab these high quality designs, (some of Holland's collections can cost up to $400+) for a super good price!!

These are some of my favourite pieces!

If these prints are brighter then what you normally wear, you have the option to mix and match with a monochrome and simple pieces to tone it down, and it adds a beautiful pop of colour to your look!


It's also your lucky day because I'm giving away a $100 gift voucher to use on the MRP site as well (this will probably get you quite a few pieces on collection which will be amazing)!

This is all you need to do to enter!

1. Go to the MRP Henry Holland Collection at

2. Tell me which piece is your favourite item and why from the range in the comments box below!

Read the T&C's
Competition stats on Tuesday, 2nd December and ends Tuesday, 16th of December at 5pm AEDST

Simple as that!! Once you're done please leave your email by using this form [insert punch tab form] and I will contact you with this email if you are the winner! Good luck girls :)!!

Who can say no to affordable fashion and a free $100 gift voucher :)? Don't forget to check out the collection; I have a feeling that it's going to sell out quite quickly!!

Much love,

If you're like me and you can't eat anything super heavy as soon as you wake up, a smoothie is a perfect way to get your nutrients, reduce the heaviness of a complete carb and butter filled meal and also it's super quick to drink!

I based this recipe off the different healthy juices I saw in the supermarket and chose one I liked and used very similar fruits. In the end it turned out really yummy and felt really green!

The health benefits of Kale

One of the main ingredients that I wanted to share with you is Kale. Kale is one of those super foods that have been trendy in the health area for a while now so I was super curious to try it out and use it in my diet.

The health benefits of Kale are incredible!

  • It's low calorie, with only 33 calories per cup of Kale
  • It contains NO FAT
  • High in iron
  • High in Vitamin K
  • Has anti-flamamtory properties
  • Filled with powerful anti-oxidents
  • High in Vitamin A
  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in Calcium
  • Is a detox food
  • Great for cardiovascular support

To translate all the amazing benefits, basically it's great for your skin, your waistline and your health!

The Morning Smoothie Recipe

So here is the recipe for the smoothie, you can actually just drink this anytime of the day actually! I've had this smoothie in the afternoon and all through the evening as just a drink :) You can mix it with more water if it's too thick for you! Water is also great for your skin :)


1 Orange
1 Kiwifruit
1/2 Banana
1 leaf of Kale with stems removed


1. Quarter and peel oranges off skin and put it in a powerful blender
2. Half and scoop out the insides of the kiwifruit
3. Chop the banana in half and peel off the skin and put it in the blender
4. Remove all the spends of Kale and then chop it up in little pieces with a knife to aid the blending process.

Video Tutorial

Stay healthy and happy :)!

Much love,


This week I'm back with another quote of mine! Please share it if you love it too :)!!

Life is short and sometimes you think you have all the time in the world, but you really don't. The sooner you realise this the sooner you'll realise how important it is that you start chasing your dreams instead of thinking you'll get around to it one day :)

I hope you enjoy this week's quote of the week chit chat with me :)!!

Summer Day to Night Haul and Outfit and Makeup Look

I had so much fun putting together this day to night outfit haul at my local Westfield!! I didn't even spend that much money at all and got some really great pieces for summer! 

Also Westfield has put together a collection on their site which was inspired by my style!

See my haul journey in the video below!

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It's my guilty pleasure to scroll through instagram and look at all the pretty girls with beautiful skin!! Haven't you noticed there seems to be a lot more perfect people on instagram then you find walking the streets?

Is it because instagram is a place where beautiful people hang out? Or maybe it's just a clever instagram filter :)??

Actually it could be a combination of both, but I know for a fact that Asian Instagram apps have found ways for you to have flawless skin, huge anime eyes, and a skinny face and chin so easily that it takes pretty much one minute!

They have crazy automatic face slimming modes and now even have leg lengthening modes for you to quickly enhance your pictures on instagram. 

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you're a fan of this or you hate the practise (valid reasons both ways) however I'm a guilty user of these apps because I just love how my skin looks in them. I'm going to continue to live in my little fantasy world of filters when I can :) (Note this does not mean I hate myself without a filter, it's just a bit of fun and for me it's like an art)

Today's video will show you how I normally edit my instagram photos *shameless plug* add me on @misswen pls, and you can see what goes on behind the scenes :)

I also like how the filter really helps brighten the image as well, because some times when you have inadequate light, your photo can look really dull and blah, making your under eye circles stick out of your face and your skin colour look like death.

Don't forget to check out my review of the fisheye lens that I featured on this video and the app I used is: 

Also available on android, search "meitupic"

Thanks goodness for filters I say :)!!

Much love,


Fairies have always seemed very mystical and whimsical! After doing some research,  I found out that fairies were perhaps more mischievous and perhaps even dangerous!

To translate this into a makeup look I decided to do something a bit different and go beyond the boundaries, just like fairies do when they want to create some havoc in the world of humans.

This look is certainly not for the faint hearted and may suit a costume party look during Halloween :) Don't be afraid to play with the colours and make them rich and vibrant!

Fairy Makeup Video Tutorial

Fairy Flower Crown Tutorial:

Products I used

Napoleon Perdis Autopilot Primer:
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream:
Napoleon Perdis Foundation Brush Large
Etude House Precious Mineral Powder:
Coastal Scents 252 Color Palette:
Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Pen Eyeliner:
Holika Holika Jewel Light Eyeliner #14:
Napoleon Perdis Concealer Brush
Ardell Half Lash 301:
Dolly Wink Sweet Girly Lash #2:
The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow:
SportsGirl Lipstick Pout About it
SportsGirl Lipgloss Lip Jam
Vidal Sasson 3 Roller Curler (similar):
DIY Flower Crown - Video tutorial here:

This bloody princess has cried so much that her eyes are now permanently red. I loved playing with the red eyeshadows for this look, and I must admit it was my first time. I'm a red shadow virgin! Until now :)

This is a great look for halloween or a costume party and don't forget to wear it with some Princess attitude :)

The Bloody Princess Makeup Tutorial Video 

The products I used for this look:

Dr Jart + Ceramidin Cream:
Napoleon Perdis Autopilot Primer:
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer:
Skin 79 VIP Gold bb Cream:

Coastal Scents 252 Color Palette:
Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliner:
Maybelline Master Precise Pen Liner:
Dolly Wink Sweet Girly Lash #2:

Canmake Color Change Eyebrow Mascara (similar)
Tony Moly Eyeshadow Party Powder:

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lipstick:
Loreal Shine Caresse Juliette:

Crown Tiara (similar) :