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The Korean 10 Step skincare routine is a must-do for all skin lovers. Sometimes it is named the 8 step or 12 step, but regardless of the name, this routine is followed by many asian women around the world. In fact you are probably doing some of these steps already, but maybe not in a ordered and logical manner. I also was very confused as to what the steps were and it's so hard to remember so I decided to create this detailed guide for you guys so you can understand it better!

When I grew up, I was taught to cleanse. tone and moisturise by the magazines I used to read like Dolly and Girlfriend. My mums advice was just use water and a facecloth. 

I decided that the cleanse, tone moisturise was more for me and I remember getting my very first set of clean and clear face products! I felt so awesome rubbing the foaming cleanser onto my face, but was a bit scared of the toner. I also have to admit sometimes I didn't moisturise :(

The days of the simple 3 step routine is now well and truly over with a number of new steps and products emerging, promising us that it will make our skin shine bright, smooth and clear!

It's not empty promises as many have been saying this extended routine is making their skin clearer and brighter!

I have created a detailed video explaining each step and why you would use these steps in your routine :)

TLDW (Too long didn't watch :) although I really highly recommend you watch it if you want to understand more! Below is just a written summary for your reference)

Step 1: Pre-cleanse - Remove makeup and oil Cleanser

The whole point of this step is to remove your makeup completely. Start off with a makeup wide and gently remove your eye make up and then finish off with an oil cleanser.

The oil cleanser will break down all make up really well including waterproof makeup. This is also a great opportunity to do a face massage using a face massage tool like the Unicorn Slim Face Massager which I am using at the moment.

You can skin this step in the morning.

Step 2: Gentle non drying foaming cleanser

The foaming cleanser is a normal step but this is now done as part of the "double cleanse" which was the oil cleanser we did during pre cleanse and we finish off with a gentle foaming cleanser here. This is to remove all the oil residue and to finally deep cleanse your face just in case all your makeup wasn't removed during the first step. It also helps your face feel completely refreshed.

Step 3: Exfoliate your skin

This step is to remove all the dead skin cells so that they don't build up on your far and make your makeup catch and look patchy.

It is also good to reveal new skin underneath. You can use a manual exfoliator, a gel exfoliator which is much more gentle like Cure which is a great product I use, or a chemical exfoliant which means you will be applying this later on before moisturiser.

Don't do this too often or you may damage your skin, do it a few times or once a week.

Step 4: Tone your face

Toning your face is essential to PH balance your skin for the steps ahead. This ensures better product absorption. You can pat the toner onto your face or use a cotton pad. It's quite popular to pat it into your face these days as it is seen as more gentle. Since you've double cleansed you should not have any more residue on the cotton pad and therefore patting it until it soaks in will be fine.

Step 5: Apply essence

Essence is quite a new addition to the skin care routine, but people that use the SK II facial essence should be used to putting this watery substance on their face. It's like a shot of good things for your face which apparently is better delivered through this highly concentrated liquid formula. The Missha time revolution first treatment essence is also a popular alternative that is more affordable.

Step 6: Sheet Face masks

This is so fun!! I'm sure you've seen someone in a sheet mask before, it is a funny sight indeed but it's great for your face. This is like a shot of product to your face, and also gives you an excuse to relax.  (For peels and clay mask do this before you tone).

Step 7: Let serums soak in

Serums are light product that is designed to solve a specialised skin problem. It's easily soaked to your skin and can be mixed together and applied. You should wait 1-2 minutes for the product to soak in before applying the next serum. It's also a great time to do a light finger massage to help the product soak in. This is thicker then a essence but lighter then a moisturiser.

Step 8: Apple eye cream

Eye cream are also not that new to the routine. You can also bucket lip creams and other thicker special creams in here. Dab it lightly with your fourth finger. People choose to use a different cream for this area because some eye areas are more sensitive to thick creams and so eye creams are sometimes lighter then their facial counter parts.

Step 9: Apply Day and Night Moisturiser

Time for the moisturiser!! It's a lot of steps in between but were are here. These are day and night moisturisers and are marked by a thicker formulation. You can have a day time one with SPF and a thicker night cream, or an all purpose. It really depends on your skin!

Step 10: Sleep Masks

Sleep masks are a great way to lock in all your hard work overnight. It is usually a thick layer that sits on your skin that protects it from drying over night. This is especially great for those that sleep in air conditioned or heated environments which can be quite drying.

You can skin your moisturiser in favour of just a sleeping mask if you feel like it, and it's probably a good idea for the summertime when your skin prefers a light moisturiser.

Other Steps: Sun-care and Face mists

These are supplemental to your routine and also very important. Suncare is pretty much standard and don't need to be explained further. I've ranted on many times about the benefits of sun protection. You can get these in a formulation that suits you and you should carry a small tube to reapply during the day.

Face mists are hydrating mists that refresh your skin during the day when you're out and about or in an office. They are a great wake up call too after a nice big lunch :)

So there we have it! All 10 steps of the Korean skincare routine! To save time on this routine don't forget to just work it in and don't be afraid to watch videos and listen to music while you do it.

I wish you all beautiful and lovely skin!

Much love,


I've always been incredibly curious as to how people with great skin got to that point! It must be an incredibly top secret Asian Skincare Routine? What is their secret skincare tips?

When I was in Korea I noticed that so many girls had such great skin (and I know everyone's experience is different but I'm just sharing mine) and worldwide, Korea is now the country that the beauty industry looks to when looking at new and innovative products. 

This is why I started becoming really obsessed with Korean skincare culture. Just a walk in the famous shopping areas like Myeong-Dong in Seoul, you'll see women from all over Asia (Japan, China, Singapore etc.) hauling skincare like the world is going to end and it's the last chance to buy beauty products, just kidding...maybe :)

From snail creams to placenta serums, Korea has everything under the sun when it comes to skincare.  Since demand there is high for products, more money is poured into research and development of skincare products, and shoppers are also pickier because they have such choice. This means skincare products that aren't that great don't stay long on the shelves because in Korea, there are lots of websites dedicated to reviews of beauty products. I wish I could read these, but a lot of these sites can be found when searched on Naver.

These skincare secrets are my summary of what I have observed and also what I have read online about skincare culture in Asia, and also from my own experience being Chinese. I wanted to approach this topic holistically as well and talk about some general attitudes and principles  too which you can apply as opposed to a lot of specific tips that may or may not fit into your lifestyle.

Lets explore these skincare secrets and tips together :)!!

Standards of skincare/time spent

What I noticed about Asians is that they have a very high standard of skincare, especially the face. It's not enough to have pimple free skin, but also to have the right texture, tone, and brightness as well as small pores.

Where I feel western cultures like Australians focus a lot on their bodies, Asians just prefer to spend more time on their face and skin. One of the horror stories my parents used to try and tell me is that if I didn't eat all my rice, I would get freckles, for the boys it would be that their wife would have freckles to the amount of the rice left in their bowl. Of course the punishment has to be about skin because in our culture nice skin is important.

It's not a surprise that Koreans have started practicing skincare routines that are 10 steps long! It's not just cleanse tone moisturise but they have complicated routines: Double cleanse, tone, lotion, essence, ampule, moisturiser, sleeping packs, face packs! I have a full post on this please have a look at my Korean 10 Step Skincare Guide.

Bottom line, nice, milky transclucent skin is just a priority of asian cultures.

Routines and habits

This leads me to the skincare routines and habits of asian women. Nice skin cannot be achieved without a little bit of hard work and consistent efforts (unless of course like my mum you were born with it!). And if you were born with it, I'm super jealous! 

Many of us need to put in a little regular work to create nose smooth skin, much like going to the gym, a regular and helpful skincare routine is a must for nice skin. For a lot of asian women and especially Koreans, it is a priority for them to complete their skincare steps every day and have meticulous habits. 

This is also not limited to their lengthy 10 step skincare routine, but also may include regular dermatologist check ups and regular being once a week or month. Much more regular then I ever had here in Australia. The standard here is you only go to the dermatologist if you have serious acne or a medical condition, not just to make nice skin.

These regular visits also ensures that they are recommended with the right skincare treatments. Lasers, light therapy and hyaluronic skin injections are regularly administered and recommended by skin clinics.  These procedures are usually only used by women trying to bring youthfulness back to their skin, but in places like Korea can be a regular service done by young women just to keep their skin nice. This is a very high standard of nice.

Also due to the great demand for these services in big cities like Seoul, they are much more affordable (but mind you still not cheap). 

There are also a lot of natural therapies that are aimed for nice skin and slimmer face such as acupuncture and herbal medicines.

Skincare Education

Which leads me to Skincare education. You can imagine regular visits to the dermatologist can really build up your  skincare knowledge, even if you didn't know anything. And this becomes common knowledge as friends share with each other what they learn. Add in social media and you can start to learn things about your skin you've never known before! Sometimes I wish I could read Korean just so I can get my hands on all this information! 

Also lots of beauty shows like Get it Beauty really get into great detail about skincare and what is great for your skin. And because their communication is quite direct, it's not unusual for beauty sales assistants to tell you what is exactly wrong with your skin and recommend you the right products.

Sun Protection

Another thing Asians are really fanatic about is sun protection. I know many of my friends make fun of asians carrying umbrellas during summer so that they can stay away from the sun, and many asians  will wear sunscreen, rain, hail or shine (or even indoors).

Sun damage is never great for your skin, even if its just a bit. It can leave your skin with sun spots, pre mature ageing and also thicken and make it leathery. Even wearing sunscreen doesn't protect your skin 100% and studies have shown sunscreen does not block Vitamin D absorption so there's no worry about having a nutritional deficiency unless you don't actually even go out!

Asians have invented some great ways to protect themselves from the sun, including pretty umbrella's, and driving arm gloves!

Diet and Food Habits

Finally the most important thing is that you eat the right foods, because your skin is a reflection of how healthy you are on the inside. Asian foods tend to be more skin friendly because they have tea which is high in antioxidants, in addition they consume less dairy which is known to have hormones that may aggravate acne in many people. This is due to the hormones in cows milk, Here's an extract from

"There is abundance of a hormone called IGF-1 in milk, which is really good for baby cows, but not for you. IGF-1 is a growth hormone. It makes baby cows grow up big and strong, but in humans, it tends to make your acne grow big instead. IGF-1 is one of several factors that cause inflammation in humans, and which eventually lead to acne (and the ugly redness and swelling that makes acne so annoying).

Milk and dairy products cause an insulin spike in humans that cause the liver to produce even more IGF-1, leading to even more acne.

Dairy causes your skin to produce excess sebum (oil), leading to – you guessed it! – more clogged pores, more acne, and a breeding ground for P. acnesbacteria, which feed on your sebum and spew out inflammatory by-products.

Dairy glues together dead skin cells inside your pores, so they can’t exit naturally, leading to clogged pores (and thus more acne)."

Finally there is no one answer to great skin, it is a process of good habits, diet and regular commitment to sticking to that routine you decide on developing and tweaking until your skin is happy! Keep trying different products and see how your skin reacts to it!

Having a commitment to having great skin is only the first step but really important! I wish you girls luck on your skin journey, it's a life long one as your skin will also change with age and time!

Finally I'm a huge believe in face massage as it helps circulations and rids your face of toxin and bloating build up on your face! It has really helped my face slim down over time and regular massage. This is the feedback I have received from many of you girls too!

I'm now using this great massage tool that is hand crafted from gem stones which is natural and also will provide great energies into your life :) It's an upgrade from my plastic one and feels much nice and gentle on my skin for sure!

Check out the Unicorn Slim Face Massager 

Much love,

The What's on my iPhone video is finally here so lets go through my apps together! I also love my new hair but you're going to have to watch the video to find out the colour :)!!

It was done at my fave salon: Stevie English  They do a wonderful job, and quite a few people go to them to fix colour issues from other hair dressers. Their instagram is @englishhair if you're wanting to see some of their work :)

I've also had a overwhelming amount of responses to where I got my case so I've included a link here:


It's super cheap!! So for those of you guys that have 6 Plus it will be amazing :)

For s similar case for other size iPhone i found this one is also cute:

This one has a cover and stand to protect the glass part and you can stand up your phone!! it looks really useful :)!!


To watch my new video and find out what my new hair colour is :) Please click through below!

Much love,


Eyebrow tattoo's have existed for a while now, even my mum got her eyebrow tattoo'd as an answer to her ever thinning eyebrow hair. I never thought I'd be doing the same thing many year later as I was quite young when she got hers done and it never occurred to me as to why?

I myself had a flourishing set of eyebrows, so thick that most of the time I had trouble plucking away the hairs then ever worry about filling them in myself.

Fact: Many Korean girls will not leave the house without their brows filled in. 

Oh how things have changed. Believe them when they say that it may never grow back! I feel it hasn't been a problem while I was a teenager, when I needed my eyebrows to be elegant and thin they grew like a bush, and now I miss them as every over plucked hair may never come back. As if I had offended them by removing them. Damn!!

I had always been curious about Korean 3D Eyebrow tattoo's mainly because they were said to only last temporarily. I have not yet settled on an eyebrow shape for life and happily follow Korean eyebrow trends so I'm not ready to commit. These sounded like a great alternative.

Fact: These Eyebrow Tattoo's Last 3 months  - 1 year

Depending on where you get them done and how your skin behaves, your brows should last anywhere between 3 months to 1 year. This new semi-permenant alternative is created by tattooing on the superficial layer of your skin and not so deep so that it will fade over time as you skin exfoliates.

Fact: 3D stands for the fact that each strand of hair is drawn on individually which makes it appear more natural

The old style of eyebrow tattoo's involve a block of colour to mimic how brows are filled in with makeup. Often the colours that were used were black to match black hair which faded to a green or bluish tinted colour. Then brown was used to look more natural. Now they've got it right, by drawing in each eyebrow hair eyebrow tattoo's look incredibly natural, not like the blocks of eyebrows you might see on aunties.

There are 2 styles of 3D brow, one is machine drawn and one is hand drawn. Machine drawn is more uniform as it's done by a machine and usually more parallel and cleaner. Hand drawn usually is less predictable which makes it look more natural, it also means its more dependent on the experience of your artist.

Machine tattooed brows

Fact: They save you so much time each morning and you can swim with beautiful brows

The great thing about these tattoo's brows is that you no longer need to fill in your brows every morning, and if you're like me this is great because I end up with different brows every day! Also if you live in a humid climate and sweat a lot you no longer have to worry about your brows sweating away.

Fact: It takes about 2 hours to have your brows tattoo'd on

The whole process was incredibly easy, and not that painful. Depending on your pain threshold and the numbing cream applied it should just feel like a gentle scratching.

The 3D Eyebrow Tattoo Process

1. Arrive with no makeup on

It's important to remove your makeup before the process, however if you have an eyebrow shape in mind you normally wear, it may be a good idea to wear it to your appointment to show your tattooist how you would like them done. I arrived with none because I would prefer her artistic opinion. It's completely up to you.

2. Choose your eyebrow design and eyebrow colour

Although it's not a permanent commiment you will still live with this eyebrow shape and colour for up to a year. Think about choosing a shape that compliments your current makeup looks the most and that you'd be happy to wear ongoing. Remember you can always draw more eyebrow on with makeup, but you can't conceal it as easily. When you can't decide always just fill in your natural shape and then use makeup to change the thickness and shapes later. 

Also in terms of colour, choose the lightest possible shade that would go with your planned hair colours. Also think about the tone whether your hair is warm toned or cool toned. You can usually choose between warm browns and ash toned browns so think about this too before you head to your appointment.

3. Apply numbing cream in the area 

You will thank whoever invented numbing cream that it has made this process bearable, you will need to leave this miracle cream on for about 15-20 minutes and your tattooist will provide relaxing music for you normally, otherwise bring something you can listen to or do while you lie there with it on.

4. Remove numbing cream and start tattooing

This is usually the longest process and will involve the design of your brows, remember that if it starts to get too uncomfortable for you, just speak up and more numbing cream will be applied. This is probably better then you flinching and squirming around and having the artist make a mistake because you're moving too much. Don't be a hero :) Speak up if it's painful! For me it felt like a scratching sensation.

5. Apply ointment in the area for the next 7 days - don't touch!

The area will be pinkish from the process and the most important thing is to prevent scabbing and infections. Remember to apply the ointment your provided religiously (3 times a day) and keep the area moist to prevent scabbing. I was also provided an anti-bacterial ointment for the first 3 days so that the area won't get infection, because this is still an open wound we're talking about and not to be taken lightly. Resist the urge to touch it and scratch it and you will be required not to get it wet for a week.

6. Go to your touch up session

A good tattooist will always include a touch up session to your package because how the design will fade from your skin is never predictable and it's always better to under tattoo and fix it up in the second session than to over tattoo and have to wait up to a year for the mistake to fade. Ask for the price of both sessions so you know the total cost.

Fact: It will fade over the course of the next few weeks! Don't panic

Immediately the eyebrow will look much darker than it is intended to so don't freak out! Also don't book any major events for the week after as you'll have ointment on your brows and even though they won't look bad, just a bit darker, you will have shiny brows which is usually not a good look.

My before and after eyebrow tattoo



Where to get them done

I can't stress how important it is to choose a good tattooist, because these are the brows you'll be living with for the next year. Always ask to look at past samples and ensure that you share the same taste in eyebrows too! It's very risky to ask someone to design a eyebrow they are unfamiliar with. This is why I didn't get this done till I could find a good Korean tattooist! You know how obsessed I am with Korean eyebrow style and straight style :) Lots of western beauty boutiques are incredibly talented however seems to do a lot of arched brow types that frame western faces beautifully but are not the brows for me. I didn't want to risk asking them to do something they weren't comfortable with so when I found a good Korean place, off I went. I got my brows done at Mii Beauty which is a cute little beauty boutique in Leichardt, Sydney run by a very talent Korean lady. I have to say the price she charges is incredibly reasonable compared to a lot of other places I asked so I highly recommend you try her if you're in Sydney! (Note: I paid for my sessions, this is not sponsored :))

Mii Beauty
Instagram: Miibeautysydney
Price: $290 for 2 sessions (including touch up session)
Phone: 0403678502

Eyebrow Tattoo Talk Through

If you want to find out more about how I felt and see snapshots of the process don't forget to check out my video where I talk about my experience from beginning to end and also show you the actual process :)

I hope that this has helped you guys understand more about it and whether you want to try it out for yourself :) If you're under 18 please don't forget to ask your parents as it is still a tattoo!

Much love,

Merry Christmas Eve everyone :)!!!! I hope you guys are having an awesome Day/Evening with family and friends :)!! I hope you guys join this Get Ready with Me Skin Prep Video :D I wanted to show you guys how I get my skin ready for makeup!! This is mostly done on days I film for nice and plump skin :)!!

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 Love you all and Merry Christmas!!!
This hair straightener is amazing! I was first introduced to it by my hair dresser Stevie English (who dyed my hair this amazing pink, they often do awesome colours and won so many hair awards)

They have all switched to this straightener in the salon and pretty much the feedback has been all extremely positive! I didn't really believe it until I tried it myself while getting my nano max treatment done. Previously I would experience tugging and pulling during the straightening process resulting in some bearable still painful tension on my hair however once they switched to these straighteners it was literally like it just glided through it! I guess that's why they call it the One Glide.

The plates itself are movable and kind of tilt to either side, ensuring that not too much pressure is put on your hair (which is what causes tugging) and letting the amazing plate; which is infused with 32 different minerals that generate negative ions and 24 carat gold; glide through your hair effortlessly.

If you haven't tried hair products with negative ions in them, it's time to try! The difference it makes to your hair is simply amazing. Even I didn't believe it at first, but this straightener left my hair so soft and shiny even though I'm technically putting so much heat through it!

Evy create various products however this particular model is a professional level straightener, and well worth seeking out over the consumer models. Especially if you're looking to invest in a straightener you should consider this model on your shortlist.

Professional models however aren't available for consumer purchase so you'll need to purchase it from a professional supplier. If you're around Bondi or Glebe you can pop into Stevie English to try these babies before you commit. They also sell them so you can order over the phone or email and deliver it Australia wide:

Email lola[@]
Call Bondi: 9387 7791
Call Glebe: 9423 7033

I've owned a GHD for the longest time but this is definitely my replacement model when the time comes!

I managed to borrow it for a review so here it is :)!

My favourite quote of the week is:

This quote really spoke to me and it's something I feel has really changed the way I look at beauty :) I chat about this in my video below :)

Let me know what you guys think as well :)

Brought to you by Nuffnang and MRP

Somewhere inside me lives a designer junkie! I have a little collection of designer pieces that I've collected over the years that I absolutely love. There's my treasured Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag, and my, very first designer bag, the Chloe Paddington as well as a guilty collection of Christian Louboutin shoes. There is something about a piece of clothing that has been crafted carefully by a passionate artisan that makes wearing the clothes just that little bit more special.

But recently I have started loving fashion that is affordable too. Something about spending $30 on a dress is satisfying, (both for myself and my wallet) especially when you get compliments on it. In my head I proudly pat myself on the back. I guess I became a huge fan of mixing and matching. I feel it's an art to make your clothing come alive no matter the cost.

A really cool trend lately is awesome designers collaborating with commercial brands to bring out their beautiful design and make it completely affordable too! It's like the best of both worlds for me, you enjoy the design and you also get to pay less for it! Why not :)

So when I heard about this upcoming collaboration on I was so super excited!!

For those of you guys that haven't been on the site, MRP is a fashion forward online store that's completely focused on bringing the latest trends at great prices!

Think tops for $5, sweaters for $15, and dresses and playsuits for under $30! If you're looking for really affordable trendy pieces, this store will have enough of a range to make you giddy for a couple of hours at least :)

So I'm actually really excited to announce that MRP has collaborated with Henry Holland (Designer of House of Holland) and has produced an affordable range of awesome festival worthy ladieswear collection which is being modelled by Chloe Norgaard (think willowy vogue-esque model with amazing unicorn coloured hair).

Henry &Chloe :) You can follow Chloe on instagram as well @ChloeNogaard

The prints are incredibly bold and bright with a awesome use of loud animal print, unstructured but chic shapes and casual jackets that look so comfy and fashionable. I'm a huge fan of these prints! I think they'll be perfect for the summer festival season coming up and great if you just love bright and happy clothing :)!! Ombre ends and crazy coloured hair like Chloe's are optional but incredibly recommended :)

These pieces are all thoughtfully designed by Henry Holland but the great thing is, you can grab these high quality designs, (some of Holland's collections can cost up to $400+) for a super good price!!

These are some of my favourite pieces!

If these prints are brighter then what you normally wear, you have the option to mix and match with a monochrome and simple pieces to tone it down, and it adds a beautiful pop of colour to your look!


It's also your lucky day because I'm giving away a $100 gift voucher to use on the MRP site as well (this will probably get you quite a few pieces on collection which will be amazing)!

This is all you need to do to enter!

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Read the T&C's
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Simple as that!! Once you're done please leave your email by using this form [insert punch tab form] and I will contact you with this email if you are the winner! Good luck girls :)!!

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Much love,

If you're like me and you can't eat anything super heavy as soon as you wake up, a smoothie is a perfect way to get your nutrients, reduce the heaviness of a complete carb and butter filled meal and also it's super quick to drink!

I based this recipe off the different healthy juices I saw in the supermarket and chose one I liked and used very similar fruits. In the end it turned out really yummy and felt really green!

The health benefits of Kale

One of the main ingredients that I wanted to share with you is Kale. Kale is one of those super foods that have been trendy in the health area for a while now so I was super curious to try it out and use it in my diet.

The health benefits of Kale are incredible!

  • It's low calorie, with only 33 calories per cup of Kale
  • It contains NO FAT
  • High in iron
  • High in Vitamin K
  • Has anti-flamamtory properties
  • Filled with powerful anti-oxidents
  • High in Vitamin A
  • High in Vitamin C
  • High in Calcium
  • Is a detox food
  • Great for cardiovascular support

To translate all the amazing benefits, basically it's great for your skin, your waistline and your health!

The Morning Smoothie Recipe

So here is the recipe for the smoothie, you can actually just drink this anytime of the day actually! I've had this smoothie in the afternoon and all through the evening as just a drink :) You can mix it with more water if it's too thick for you! Water is also great for your skin :)


1 Orange
1 Kiwifruit
1/2 Banana
1 leaf of Kale with stems removed


1. Quarter and peel oranges off skin and put it in a powerful blender
2. Half and scoop out the insides of the kiwifruit
3. Chop the banana in half and peel off the skin and put it in the blender
4. Remove all the spends of Kale and then chop it up in little pieces with a knife to aid the blending process.

Video Tutorial

Stay healthy and happy :)!

Much love,