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Korean beauty standards are often discussed on a global scale with a focus plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements all aiming to achieve the ideal "Korean" look. However Korean makeup is also extremely transforming, and a lot of the before and after's you see of Korean plastic surgery is actually contributed to makeup and photoshopping as well, not just their surgery skills. This is often an overlooked part of the before and afters you see everywhere.

I've always loved the way Koreans do their makeup, I feel they are extremely careful with their application and always love to make it look as natural as possible. I fell in love with Ulzzang makeup initially, which is a very dramatised doll-like version of Korean makeup, much like "gyaru" styles of Japanese makeup, so you will see some of this show up in the way I've decided to do Korean makeup here too.

So lets being exploring the differences of the makeup trends of the East vs West. In this case Korea which is known as one of the most influential countries in Asian makeup trends as well as American makeup, also a huge source of styles and trend amongst Western countries thanks to hollywood and  dare I say, the Kardashians.

In this video I wanted to show you and highlight the differences I have noticed in the makeup trends between Korean makeup vs American makeup and I think it'll be an entertaining watch :)! Again please take all these points at face value, it's aimed to be entertaining, and not stereotyping :)

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For a written version of everything I've covered in the video please read the below sections :)!

Contact lenses

If you do wear contacts, light coloured contacts like blue and green are incredibly popular in American makeup because it makes some of the smokey makeup looks pop. However in Korea brown circle lenses that make your pupils larger are so common! It creates an innocent and dolly expression. Black and dark browns are the most popular colours!


The primer I'm using helps your makeup stay and you will notice that it blends in really well with your skin tone. Primers used in American makeup are either clear of have a slight and sublte pearlesent finish.

Korean primers in general are a lot more brightening! A lot of the newer primer products come in various colours like pinks and greens to help colour correct the sallow or olive skin tone in favour of a whiter and piny toned skin colour. In general, they are much more brightening and lighten your skin slightly.


The point of american foundations is to match your skin colour, some also use a slightly darker shade to mimic a more tanner and blowy colour on the skin. In general the colours tend to me more yellow based as well. The foundation also usually offers medium to heavy coverage. Otherwise a tinted moisturiser is usually used for sheer coverage.

In Korea Cushion foundations are extremely popular! They offer both BB and CC formulations and usually have brightening and are infused with lots of moisturising essences, which is why it is usually very liquid and comes in a cushion sponge. Korean also really love the dewy look, which means the finish is almost oily looking and well moisturised. And although my finish isn't extremely dewy you can see it is dewier.


I don't have a lot of differences to point out in terms of concealers.  Let me know what differences you've noticed! Thanks to your comments it's been said that Americans prefer drawing a large triangle with a concealer shade lighter then their foundation colour. Koreans use it to conceal blemishes and imperfections.


Now contouring has been a huge trend in american makeup, so I had to include this! The point of contouring is to bring out some nice chiselled cheekbones, create a narrower forehead, a strong nose bridge and overall stronger face lines. Highlighters are also used on the cheekbones, bridge of nose and above the cupids lips and chin. It's quite common to use largely contrasting contour colours, however I've chosen to use a more subtle collor pallet. For the cheeks bronzers are a popular colour and it's applied underneath the cheekbones up to the temples. Also some coral and peach colours are a favourite to add on top of the bronzer for a sophisticated look.

In Korea contouring is not that popular, more often then not highlighters are used to bring out the cheekbones, nose bridge and forehead lines with only subtle contouring on the nose and jawline. Contour colours are a lot more subtle and are often only 1 shade darker then their skin colour. Pink blush is a popular choice in Korea and is applied on the apples of the cheeks in a round manner for a really cute and innocent flush.


American makeup comes in many different brow shapes, but a natural arch is quite popular and really helps you open up the eyes. Now i'm struggling because my brows have been groomed straight, but I'll try my best. Also adding concealer to clean up brow makeup is common and this is also used so that there is a strong and sharp line between the brown and the skin. Strong and clean brows are one of the cornerstones of American makeup - apologies though for messing it up a bit :P trying my best.

Korean brows on the other hand are generally straighter and thicker. The colours they use tend to be also more powdery looking and light, not as bold. They prefer they brows to be very soft and natural and lighter in colour.


Emphasising the crease and contour of the eye is a common theme in a lot of american styles of eyeshadow. Cut creases, smokey eyes all love to bring out the creases and contour of the eye. Darker colours are used in the crease and outer V with highlighting colours used on the brow bone,  packed onto the lids for cut crease looks and inner corners. Bright and bold colours with heavy pigments are also very popular and there is so much creativity with eye looks! Also blending is a huge part of American eyeshadow looks because of the number of colours used! In terms of eyeliner shape, the winged liner is a classic shape of American makeup, because it opens up and pulls up the eye into a more youthful and sexy shape and it's common to smoke out the lower eyelid with a darker colour. The look isn't finished without some bold lashes created with either mascara and/or fake lashes!! The longer the better!! The overall impression is sexy, confident and fierce!

For Korean eyeshadow looks, the emphasis is really on brightening the eye socket! Lots of shimmer and pearl finishes are used with lighter colours like champagne, pinks and light browns commonly used. Most of the time only a single colour is needed, sometimes 2. Because a crease is not always a common and most of the time not very deep, usually a single wash of colour or a dual wash of colour is blended out and used to brighten the eye. However shimmer and pearl colours are commonly applied to the inner corner and lower eyelids to create an aegyosal" or cute eye bag effect. The dark colour is usually applied along the lash line as opposed to the crease and joined to the outer third of the lower lash line. An eyeliner look following the natural eye line or coming straight out the side is common. Overly slanted eyes are considered too fierce in Korea so more natural curve is adopted. Curled lashes are incredibly important to open up the eye and a few coats of mascara is applied. but overly long lashes are not a common look in Korea makeup. Natural looking lashes are preferred.


Lip liner is commonly used in American makeup because bold coloured lip looks are common and lipliner helps prevent the lipstick from bleeding. Lipliners are also increasingly used to "over line" the lips creating a larger and poutier lip which I have tried to do here. Also nude colours are a favourite with pigmented and matte lipsticks a popular formulation choice. Here I have decided to apply a nude colour and also don't forget the gloss for large pouty kissable lips! Well not really kissable because boys hate getting gloss on but it LOOKS kissable :)

The gradient lip is pretty much the number one lip look in Korea. Many colours are used but pinks and peaches are most popular. I've chosen this bright pink to create my gradient lip look. Just apply colour to the centre and use your fingers to dap out. Cherry is also becoming a very common and popular colour these days. In terms of formulations tints are probably the most popular lip formulation, and pigmented glosses that are like lipstick are also quite commonly found. Instead of lipliners, congealer is often used to conceal the lip line, and tone down lip colours to create an illusion of small rose bud lips where the colour is only strong in the centre of the lip. It's the complete opposite of American makeup!

So now we've completed the look!! I must look pretty silly with a half half face on but I really wanted to show you the differences at the same time :)!!

Love you guys :)!

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latest post from wengie instagram

Ok so this has got to be said. If you ever get to meet me in real life and you bump into me and say hi or something be warned. I can be VERY awkward in real life haha.

Today a sweet lovely girl said hi to me in a shopping center, and if you're reading this you looked beautiful :)!!! But yea I reacted with not much. Hahaha I was walking around in my little world cos I had just locked myself out of my house and was killing some time before going to my friends place to invade and sleep on their couch. So thank you Irene for taking me in so last minute :)

Anyways hahaha I realised at that moment how socially awkward I was. I then did a round back and was going to apologise but then when I saw her again I also got afraid and walked off hahaa wow. Like the epitome of weirdness.

So if you're the girl I met today I'm really sorry for making things so awkward and weird :/.

I'm still getting used to this random people walking up to me thing and it's not easy for a shy introvert like me.

I'm fine and normal when I'm going to a social gathering that I know about so I can mentally prepare for it. Yes I do mentally prepare for social events!! I might totally sound like a weirdo right now, but I'm sure introverts around the world can probably relate to this.

There needs to be a transitional moment between getting out of our own head and going into the real world. It's kind of like warming up socially.

Chances are if you bump into me and I'm already with someone I would have warmed up enough to function at a normal level when that happens. If I haven't watch out!! I'm a huge weirdo :P

That being said if you do see me around please say hi to me :) I've also gotten the people pointing and staring from afar and that also freaks me out too haha.

I thought I'd do this post and see if any of you guys out there can relate to this too, or am I just extremely strange. I might make a video about this one day :)

So yea huge apologies to anyone I've ever bumped into and made you feel awkward I will try harder to be better at this :)!!

I love you guys regardless even if it's a very strange way to show it :DD

Much love,


I'm so sorry!! I'm so bad at this whole weekly scheduled thing so I've told myself I'll do a few of these in advanced so I don't miss a day!! I'm going to make these Giveaway days official Wednesday, and this post is a little early, but it will end before next Wednesday so get your entries in :)!! Please check last weeks giveaway post to see if you won! The Winner name will appear in the box :)! Please check your emails or contact me if you don't get one and send me your name and delivery address so I can send you your prize :)!!

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I personally love bangs / fringes!! I think they make you look so cute and adorable and for those of you that may have plainer features it can really add that extra something to your face!

However bangs are a huge commitment because cutting that much length off is always a commitment and I don't feel like I suit them enough to make that jump.

From time to time though I like to try out the look and have always replied on hair pieces and clip in fringes to achieve this. These hairpieces look like this:

The one issue I had with using these hair pieces is my hair colour would change SOOO often that it was impossible for me to have one that matched my hair at any point in time. And I'm too poor to buy 200 of these so that I have one colour to match every stage of my hair adventures :)!!

So when I saw this tutorial for creating bangs with your own hair I was like omg!!! I had to try this!! Now I've always been fond of looking at tutorials on pinterest, but hoenstly it always looks so perfect. Each step usually doesn't go according to plan for me so I decided to try a new series for you guys called well...

Try it Wengie

Ok so it really isn't the most creative name haha but I really couldn't think of anything else!! This is a series where I try cool things I see around for the first time so you can fumble along with me :)

This first episode of "Try it Wengie" is one of me trying out these bangs by using my own hair!!

Let me know of any tutorials or things you wanted me to try for you for the rest of this series :)!! I have some pretty cool things in store for you guys!!
Also if you happen to try this out don't forget to tag me and share it with me :)

Much love,

I usually don't do blog posts like this since it seems completely off topic, but this is such a gem that I had to share. Plus I also laughed my head off when I saw this listing and clamoured to see if it was an April Fools Joke by the website since I think I just got fooled by BuzzFeeds April Fools joke found here.

So for those of you that don't live in Sydney, you may think that this is an actual joke. Unfortunately it's not. I thought this is deemed an appropriate blog post for April Fools (well it still is in the USA).

Ok so me and my boyfriend were just browsing through some real estate listings so that we can realise the Australian dream of owning out own property one day, you know the deal.

Anyways, during the browsing process we stumbled onto this listing.

For those of you guys that don't know the conversion rate of Australian Dollars to US Dollars the rough translation at the moment is that this property costs around $528,000 USD with our bad Australian dollar at the moment. If our dollar was stronger it would be closer to $650,000.

And if you were too lazy to visit the listing, this amount of money basically buys you a 2 bedroom house with 1 bathroom and no car space on a block of land of about 139 square meters.

And it kind of looks like this:

Not bad for $700,00 hey? And you complain about my sponsored posts :P! Lol joking :)

Hope you guys found this interesting!
You know it's one of those days when you go back on some old photos and realise...


It's been about 2 years now since I've changed my diet and I'm soo glad I did. Sometimes you don't realise how far you have come. If you're just in the process of changing your lifestyle and your eating habits it may seem almost impossible. Hard. Like it will never happen...

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And if you ever wondered where all the bad things come from, things like weight gain and illness most often never just happen. It's always the results of your habits over time. 

My weight gain started with a small ritual called supper. And my habit of eating chips. And then working in some soft drink. Then putting more food on my plate because I didn't want to waste any or I cooked too much.

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