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For those of you that are too lazy to use a real camera to take photos hands up!! That's me too? Most of my instagram photos are all done by my trusty iPhone 5! I only had one arms are short!!

That's the reason why you see so many photos of just my face :)!! I'm way to lazy to ask people to take photos for me plus I'm afraid I'll insult them after the 10th time of going "omg can you please take it again!! (insert some minor vain concern here)"

So for now you have to live with my face....and asian food photos!! Until I discovered...this awesome camera fisheye wide lens!!!!

This is the fisheye selfie lens!
This is the wide lens and the macro lens and you can change the lens by twisting it!
These are the rubber caps supplied to cover the lenses.
This has really allowed me to take wider selfie shots!! I've done a comparison for you to see!

I can totally fit more in with the wide lens with my arms extended!! The only thing about fish eye though is you get slight distortion on the image! I think it's super cute though and love the effect!

It also has a macro lens and wide lens on the other side for your normal photos (non-selfies) which is great! The amount of detail you can take on the macro lens is crazy!

Taken with the wide lens, notice is has the black outline which I think is super cute and very typical of some fisheye lenses!
You can even see the fabric detail on the flower petals since they are fake! How awesome is this macro lens?
This lens kit is super simple to put on and I'm really happy with it! The only thing as you may have noticed, because of the snug fit you can't put it over a case thats thick, so I usually have to remove my case to use it which is the only downside. I don't see myself keeping it on permanently but only to use when I need some wider shots so thats ok!

I know some companies have sold this for a lot of money (think $120+) which I think is crazy! I found it super cheap here for $12.39

I hope this review helps you guys to take better selfies :)!!

Much love,


Hair chalk is a great way to play with pastel hair colours without dying them! It washes out in one wash and can turn out bright and colourful even on darker hair (surprisingly)!

I'm also in love with hair extensions. I've been wearing the clip in styles for many years, especially when I chop off my hair and just want long locks for the night or going out for the day! Of course it's impossible to grow your hair overnight, but hair extensions allow you to enjoy long hair without waiting!

There are so many different types of hair you can get and it can be super confusing for first time hair extension buyers. I highly recommend you pick human hair simply because you have more freedom with styling and also it blends in much nicer to your own hair. Human hair allows you to style your extensions with heated tools without being afraid of melting it and you can also dye it and shampoo it as well like you would your own hair.

I received my hair extensions from VP Fashion and I'm incredibly impressed at the range of hair they have. Especially the ombre extensions, they come in all different colours and styles and they can also custom match the extensions to your existing hair colour if you are having trouble picking a colour to match your hair. I highly recommend ombre extensions if you want a pop of colour that blends in really naturally with your own hair!

The hair is also incredibly shiny, and you can pick straight or wavy hair. Wavy hair comes standard in an amazing wave that looks incredible! It also has a wave after you wash it so it really is wavy hair!

The pack comes with extra clips as well in case you need more and they clip in really easily and are quite comfortable! The pack also contains 3-4 different sizes for you so you can place it perfectly to blend in with your hair. There is more then enough hair too in each pack, I only used half the hair for my tutorial and you can obviously start creating more voluminous looks with the extensions too!

I got the white blonde wavy hair in 22inches! This is 200 grams of hair and like I said it is a great amount of hair :) Click here to see the extensions.

You can also grab $10 off any order with the coupon code: wengie01 at checkout :)

Rainbow Pastel Hair Tutorial

Here is a video showing you how to create this hairstyle using hair extensions and hair chalk! The great thing about hair chalk vs. using hair dye is you can change the colour really easily and it's also less messy to apply and easier to achieve multiple colours without any overlap and trouble washing it out (unlike dye)

Enjoy :)

Step 1: Match your hair colour (by buying the right colour or toning/dying it it like me)

Step 2: Pick 4 colours of hair chalk to begin!

Step 3: Start chalking small sections of your hair and repeat the colours in order, it looks best with 1.2 inch sections or chunky sections but it's up to you!

TIP: If the colour isn't as vibrant as you'd like, use a spritzer and speak water before you chalk to add the vibrancy. This is essential for dark hair!

Step 4: Clip in and you're done :)!!

Enjoy your beautiful hair :)!

Imagine if you could peek inside the closets of girls all around Australia? Imagine if you could ask if you could swap or buy your favourite pieces from their closets?

StyleAlley was created to help us create one giant closet swap!! We want you to create your closet on your site and encourage other girls to take a peek into your StyleAlley closet and pick stuff they want to wear from it! Remember to follow girls that share your size and live closet to you to make it even more fun :)

Not only will you save the environment by not wasting clothes in great condition. You'll save money and you'll always have something new to wear!

This idea was basically born out of necessity. I had all these clothes from my StylePoints, and I'm only one girl and can't wear all my clothes. I thought it would be great if I could share them with you guys!

I'm really excited that now I've been able to send some of my clothes out to you girls and have you enjoy them for a really low price. A lot of my pieces go for $5-$10. So to those girls I've swapped and sold to, I'm really glad I was able to :)

But not everyone is my size, and I'm sure you also have some great clothes in your closet that you never wear and that would look great on someone else!


I'll be giving away some of my favourite pieces to a lucky girl! This includes a whole lucky dip of accessories, dresses and tops that will fit in a 1kg postage bag.

All you need to do is to

  1. Join Australia's Giant Closet Swap/Sale at StyleAlley (use Facebook for faster access)
  2. List/upload at least 5 of your favourite pieces from your closet that you haven't worn in the past 6 months and that would look amazing on another girl (lets be considerate and only list cute pieces :))
  3. Follow me on StyleAlley so I can check out your closet!! 

I'll be picking my favourite closet out of all my followers so that I can give my little lucky dip bag! 

Here is a tip to make your closet cuter!! Take your photos in natural daylight in front of a clean white background. 

I'm sure you'll love what you'll get and it'll be a whole kg of stuff!! Tell me your size and if I don't have any I will even go shopping and buy you some cute stuff to go in the bag :)

Good luck girls :)!!

There are days where I wear glasses but want to wear sunnies but can't because I'd get so blind! Also I didn't think tinted lenses were an option because sometimes they don't go clear in time and you look silly indoors!

So I finally bit the bullet and ordered perception contact lenses! I got them from firmoo because their prices where fairly reasonable $39!

This is the pair I have, the wrap around style! Just click here to shop on the website

You can get them in a variety of tint types from light to dark and also different frame sizes for only $39 :)!! 

For me, I only avoided getting prescription sunglasses because they seemed expensive, considering most sunglasses in stores you can get from $10-$50 in some very nice style it always seemed silly to be bound to a style and spending over $200 for prescription.

I really love them:)!!! They make my face look small, which is a win by me :)!! I can't wait to wear them more often as it gets warmer :)!!!

I'm glad I found firmoo and thought I'd share it with you guys if you are looking for affordable prescription sunglasses!

They are also offering the first pair free for some styles so click here to check out what you can get for free (if you're first time customer only)

I've always had a soft spot for dmim shorts and loose fitting tops. You can't get a summer outfit more fun and comfy! (Yes I will brave the playground in super tall sneakers for the sake of legs...oh legs!!!)

Enjoy this weeks StylePoint :)

Get the look

Black heart cut out tank:

Distressed shorts (similar)

Navy round/dome wool hat original from H&M
Similar in multiple colors:

White platform sneakers (similar):

My channel is back with a new tutorial inspired by Hyuna's new MV RED!! I'm going to be making a Make up tutorial every Monday and I'm open to requests on instagram (@misswen) and Facebook so please send me suggestions :)!!

Make up products that I've used

Foundation: Skin Food Gold Caviar Lifting Foundation:
Concealer: Make Up Forever Full Cover:
Powder: Skin Food Red Orange Sunpact:
MAC Bronzer:
3 Concept Eyes Gold Beige Highlighter:

Jill Stuart Crystal Eyes Pallet:
Maybelline Hyper Glossy Eyeliner:
MAC Black Tied:
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes: (similar)
Shiseido Eyelash Curler:
Ardell Half Lash 301:

Loreal Shine Caresse:

Much love,


I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon this product but I watched the video and I knew I wanted it for Mikki :D!!

I think it's so good that you're able to monitor how your cat eats as well as spy at them through a camera app!

This video was created to support the creators of this product :)!!

Just to explain how it works, the Bistro hasn't been created yet but the inventors are looking for funding to make this product a reality because it costs a lot of money to manufacture it. Therefore they rely on everyone pitching in to make this product a reality. I hope that if you want this product for your kitty that you can support their project and they will send you one of these when they make it next year :)!

Here are some pictures of the product

I highly encourage you guys to check out the video that explains how it works:

To make this a fun support project I decided to get Mikki to star in his very own video! So please help support this project so that Mikki and other cats can get access to this product :)!!

I'd love to know what you guys think of this device?? I think it's so super cool!! Mikki would love it :)!!

Much love,

Wengie and Mikki

For study tips click here
So as you all know I'm totally in love with reading. In fact I include a favourite book in pretty much every all my monthly favourites videos!

To be honest I blame my short stature due to reading, since I used to stay up till 2 am reading books under the covers and not getting enough sleep to "grow" as my parents told me. I'm not sure if it's an old wives tale or not but I'm sure if you're Asian your parents have told you that if you don't get enough sleep your not going to grow tall.

Then came high school and compulsory reading in english and I think that ruined reading for me. Once it becomes "education" I tuned out! But education is still important don't get me wrong it's just that when you don't get to pick what to read I subconsciously linked bad feelings with the act of reading when all it was that I didn't read things I wanted to read.

Fast forward quite a few years later and a good friend of mine (my manager at the time) created a reading list for me so that I could learn what I needed to know for my job. After I started reading and reading it actually became quite fun, so now I feel so bad when I don't read.

Once you get the feeling of progress you get from continually learning about the things you want to learn about you'll look back and think how did you ever survive without books?

How I've changed from reading books

I have to say after going through a huge self development phase and reading a lot of books on these kind of topics I've really become a different person. I've definitely grown and although I'm still a child a heart, it is only in the good ways, not the immature annoying ways haha!

I look at life a lot differently, and I approach things very differently, and when you guys ask me how I've grown my blog so quickly, it's because I've also grown through continual learning. I truly believe you will be as successful as you let yourself be, and growing your knowledge and experiences is like investing in yourself - best investment ever!

Even my current boyfriend who I've known for about 7-8 years now says that after meeting me after so many years (we didn't keep in constant contact) he didn't realise how "smart" I was. I take that as a compliment :)!!

When I went through a terrible break up which included infidelity, it felt horrible and a book about that made me feel a lot better and look at the situation with a clear head and not an emotional one.

I've learn new ways to look at things, more efficient ways to do things and have new attitude towards things.

Now to reveal some of my favourite books

I'll be listing out some of my favourite books that I think is essential to start with if you want to get into reading and growing! I call these kind of classics :) Mind you because I'm very involved in the business side of things some of them will have a business spin, but you know, being an entrepreneur is kinda cool these days right :)?

The 5 love languages

This book I think is just hands down gotta read!! If you interact with even one person in your life and you would like to make this a pleasant experience read this book. It is very geared towards marriage and partners but the same principles can be applied to absolutely everyone you meet. This book will teach you how to make someone feel loved and why expressing love in your way can be misunderstood by your partner and result in them feeling neglected despite your best efforts.

Click here to see the book and reviews

4 hour work week

If you're looking for a new way to think about life, this is the book for you. I'm a closet fan girl, or maybe not so closet fangirl of Tim Ferris. He is absolutely amazing!! Seriously you have no idea how much I gush about him to unsuspecting victims haha! This book teaches you about lifestyle design and basically teaches you how you can have the "millionaire" lifestyle of travelling and working 4 hours a week without having to earn a million dollars.

Click here to see the book and reviews

You are not so smart

This is such an entertaining book and illustrates all the ways our brain tricks us into things. It basically illustrates all the psychological bias that we experience and how we are not really as logical and thoughtful as we think we are. A very humbling experience but it's better then deluding yourself right :)?

Click here to see the book and reviews

How to fail at almost everything and still win big

I literally lol'd so much when I read this book! It's by the author of the Dilbert comic strips which are some old school comics that basically make fun of the office and corporate life etc. Actually quite ironically true and funny. The book basically is everything he has learnt from his life journey of becoming a comic strip write after failing at a lot of things along the way.

Click here to see the book and reviews


This is the book I'm currently reading and I swear I'm loving it. It's basically a modern version of "zen" living without the Buddhist influence. It teaches you how to cut out all the clutter in your life so that you can concentrate and focus on what truly matters to you. It explains to you that if you don't control your life everyone else will, which was a huge wake up call for me.

Yes you must read this!!

Click here to see the book and reviews

Now you must be thinking that it's hard to read if you're out and about all the time or you don't want to carry books. Yea I hate that too, and I also used to have a kindle, but realised it's more convenient for me to just use my kindle app on my phone. I seriously love this app!! It's also free, and you can even download it for your desktop and read on your computer!

Download it free for phone or desktop

I hope this post sends you on a journey of self discovery, I'll be sharing more favourite books along the way in my monthly favourites so don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for updates :)

This weeks outfit is a super fun and relaxed outfit that offer sun protection! I've discovered a new love for floppy full brimmed wool hats! Don't forget to THUMB UP if you want this series to continue :D

Get the look!

  1. Black floppy hat: or
  2. Cropped lilac sweater (actual sweater):
  3. High waisted chiffon shorts  (actual shorts):
  4. Black platform laced shoes (similar):
Much love,