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I think we all struggle with our weight in one time or another in our life. It's either too much weight or too little weight but I feel our connection with our weight is like our mood. It literally goes up and down and I feel that weight is heavily tied to our moods too. Depressed eating or happy eating, we all have some form of eating habit tied to our moods.

For me when I get depressed I tend to forget to eat or not want to eat. When I'm happy I want to eat all the time. When I'm bored well.. hello snacks :D!!

I decided to share my weight story with you guys in this video because I think it's good to know that you may not be alone. My story is probably a bit different to other stories you may hear and I think it's good to explore the other side of things. Growing up with a fast metabolism. It's both a blessing and a curse!!

Hear the full story in my video:

To see me before and after diet pictures you may be interested in this blog post that shows my before and after my 7kg weight loss

Some of us don't live in the US however we are just as addicted to US shows and movies and need to have access to this easily. Although there are so many sites that allow you to stream TV shows legally I really hate jumping through a million hoops and ads to get to the show and would rather pay a small fee to access some top quality shows. My favourite stream sites for a lazy day are NetFlix and Amazon Prime. You can click through to the sites to see which ones have shows you want to watch.

Both are great and Amazon Prime also allows you to stream songs as well and has a free trial offer: Join Amazon Prime - Listen to Over a Million Songs - Start Free Trial Now

I actually am subscribed to both because they have a different range of titles and shows and it beats a pay TV subscription which can cost up to $100 a month in Australia!!

But how do you get these programs if you live in another country, like Australia for example? 

The easiest way to get through the IP blocking is to use a service like UnblockUS which costs $5 a month. It's super simple to set up and they will walk you through the steps on the site and you can save money on a yearly membership fee.

That's it!! I pretty much just signed up to each network and an UnblockUS account and I was ready to spend many lazy days in front of my computer :)!!

If you have trouble with a credit card that isn't a US you can try a virtual credit card system like entropay which allows you to pay from a US credit card and add credit via the website - however this shouldn't really be a problem.

So there we have it!! A lot of you guys asked me this from My Night Routine Video so I thought I'd just do a post to let you guys know :)!

I'll put my hand up right now and admit I'm a relationship questions junkie like I absolutely looooooove asking people intimate questions about their love life and partner preferences and having dnm's. I just feel like knowing people'd preferences are just interesting and I love finding out how different everyone is. I especially love knowing people's weird preferences like, something weird they love about the opposite sex. Like if you watched my 50 random facts about me video you would know that I just love weird stuff.

So what is my weird obsession with the opposite sex? Well 2 things really.

1. I love mouth corners and the way someones mouth corners go up, maybe when they smile or something arghh soo awesome!!! Like I don't know why but I find mouths incredibly interesting and attractive.

2. I love people that have a hard shell and soft interior. For example they are a complete cold/aloof person to most people but to 1 or 2 special people they are completely different and warm or soft and quishy on the inside!! I don't know why but I tend to fall in love with guys with this personality in shows, anime and real life if I happened to get through that hard shell :P Love Love!!!

So for Valentines Day I decide to put my little obsession into practice for your entertainment and I decided to interview some of my guy friends with a bunch of questions you all submitted to me on instagram (@misswen follow me :))

What kind of questions did I ask the guys?

These questions are mainly dating questions and although everyone has preferences it may not be the sole type of girl they go out with so remember that :) I prefer guys with a 6-pack but does not mean if the guy doesn't have a 6 pack I wont go out with them! We all have superficial preferences but it does not mean we're superficial so cut these guys a bit of slack when you are watching this video ;)!!

Why did I choose these guys?

Most of these guys are single which means when it comes to dating questions it will be more appropriate because single people gotta think about their preferences more :)!! I had 2 guys in relationships which was Christian and Leo (the 2 at the end) and they had to obviously think a bit harder about these questions because they are happily taken and the thing is their girlfriends probably also wouldn't fit into every single preference but like I said preferences and getting into a relationship are so completely different! No one will tick every box and if they did they may also not be what you expect!

Nick is a great friend of mine for many years and his always extremely generous and kind and funny. His included in my Aussie Asian Boys video because even though he doesn't look Asian he probably is on the inside :)!!

I also did choose these guys because they seemed easy on the eye or had a fun personality. You'll find Aussies tend to be more outgoing and sporty because of the fact we grew up on outdoor activities, we have lots of natural beaches, and bush walks and a huge emphasis on sports. On the weekends our activities tend to be outdoorsy and sports related.

I certainly don't fit into this stereotype, I'm a homebody and hate the sun, but I will say there are so many of these outdoorsy types here vs. other countries so that's where you will find the video to be a bit more biased towards and I feel this can be a reflection of just the Aussie culture.

You may also ask why I included mainly Asians in this video, well to be honest, I mainly know Asian guys so this is also a reflection of my friendship circle! I grew up in an Asian neighbourhood and a Asian dominated High School. So....yea... that's it ;) There's also a huge Asian community in Sydney like HUGE! Even when Russell Peters came (comedian I love him) he made a joke in his opening act that when he landed in Sydney city he thought he was in Chinatown or China but wasn't.

Before you watch this video

It's a fun and entertaining watch and this video is 50 minutes long so please grab some popcorn and some tea and sit down for this because it's incredibly long but I loved filming every minute of this so you'll also have fun watching it :)!!

I would love to offer a money back guaranteed but it's free so enjoy :D!!

The list of questions I asked the guys

These are the list of questions I included but they may be in a different order or omitted on the video and also I have a SURPRISE for you guys at the end :)!!

Relationship questions

What do you find most attractive when it comes to personality?
What is your ideal first date?
How long does it usually take you to get ready on a date and how long do you think your date takes to get ready?
What is the first thing you notice about a girl
What parts of the women do you think are the sexiest?
What makes a girl "love at first sight?", What do you first look for in a girl?
Would you date and marry a girl outside your race?
What's something you wish girls would stop doing
What makes you want to start pursuing a girl
If you were a girl for a day what would you do?
What is the girliest thing you've done
Do you prefer a cute girl or a cool girl?
Would you prefer a girly girl or a tom boy?
What is your ideal type?
What is a mega turn off for you?
What do you think girls do that is really cute?
How would you feel about the girl making the first move?
Do you prefer girls with an outgoing personality or a quiet one
What's something weird you like about girls
What do you find really attractive in girls? Personality or appearance?
What is your views on how smart a girl is?
Would you like a smart but not so attractive girl?
Would you rather date a girl who is bitchy but hot or a girl with great personality who's not that attractive.
Do you think about a girl you like all day?
If a girl refuses to have sex with you, would you date someone else even though you still like her?


Why do guys like to say they prefer a girl with meat but end up liking skinnyj girls
Do you have stereotypes associated with hair colour on girl?
Do you like girls with long hair or short hair? Dyed hair or natural hair colour?
Do you like girls with eyeliner or without eyeliner
Do you like skinny or curvy/chubby girls
Does women with acne turn you off?
What are you opinions on cosmetic surgery?
Would you date a girl who doesn't like wearing makeup?
Does what they wear matter?

General Guy Questions

Do boys love girls that loves to do sport a lot?
Do guys like valentines day?
What's on their mind when they chase a girl love or sex?
Why do you think some guys are scared of pink and romantic movies.
Do guys like valentines day?
Do guys tease girls because they like them or just messing with them?
Why do guys like blondes so much generally?
Why do some guys act like they hate a girl but they actually really like her
Why do guys never text back immediately
What should a girl do when she has a crush on a guy with a boyfriend?

Wow!! That's a long list of questions!! If you watched the whole video I applaud you and thank you for doing that because I think I spent SUCH a long time editing and filming this video I literally wanted to die. Hahaha no but it was quite tedious but every moment I was thinking it's worth it it's worth it!!

That being said I know this kind of video may not happen very often again :P! Hhahaha on those rare occasions when I want to climb a huge editing mountain!!

I'd love to hear what you guys think of the answers :D!! Let me know in the comments section!!

Much love,


This video has been drafted for a long time but I was waiting for the right time to film and edit it. It's kind of hard to summarise all the weird quirks and habits into one video so I hope I did a good job for you guys :)!! Below is the written draft I worked off to make the video :) Enjoy!!

50 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am a total geek - I spent most of my uni years holed up in my bedroom playing computer games like DOTA.
  2. I love Pho, I can’t go very long without eating this!
  3. I was horribly shy when I was young - horribly shy
  4. I can’t stand the sound balloons make when they rub, that squeaking noise, I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it right now
  5. I hate scary movies! I watch them all behind my hands.The Japanese version of the ring scared me so much I couldn’t pee without opening every single light I could for 1 month
  6. I’m so absent minded that I have been known to walk into things like glass doors
  7. I always drop food on myself - white clothing never lasts very long with me! Oh and get food on my face, i don’t know why but food ends up everywhere
  8. I once ate 35 large sized dumplings in year 6
  9. I hate the taste of alcohol :(
  10. I have a double jointed thumb
  11. My eyes are pretty bad! I have short sightedness of -3.5
  12. I have an addictive personality
  13. I am a hoarder - help me!
  14. I have a really bad memory
  15. I used to be such a tom boy - I never had a barbie in my life - only ninja turtles and transformers
  16. I used to refuse to wear dresses, even the really pretty ones my grandparents used to send me
  17. I have trouble saying things out loud - super awkward out loud
  18. I’m like really really sensitive about everything
  19. My eyes don’t get red from contacts. I stare at a computer like 16 hours a day, even with glasses and they get red :(
  20. I love tea, so much, every kind of tea I can drink it all day everyday!
  21. I hate sweets :( I don’t have a sweet tooth, only recently I have started to maybe eat dessert, hm sometimes.
  22. I used to be so shy, my teachers thought there was something wrong with me. There wasn't, I'm just an introvert :)
  23. I over compensated in High school cos I thought there was something wrong with me so I went out everyday and made lots of friends
  24. I used to love drawing anime, I used to draw so much I’d get trouble in every single class. I once got caught drawing Mai Shiranui, she had big boobs
  25. I used to forget to pee during the day so my best friend used to make me pee with her every time she peed. She rubs my shoulder and I know I have to pee. Now we don’t work together and she virtually rubs my shoulder through skype.
  26. I fished illegally in the botanical gardens when I was 5, shh don’t tell any one
  27. I have a thing for those Japanese crane machines, I am like seriously addicted to them, I’ve probably spent more then $1,000 on them.
  28. The key to my heart is through food :D. Feed me and I’ll love you foreverrrr
  29. I won a street fighter 4 tournament in my last workplace, yes and I beat all the boys :D
  30. My favourite parties are LAN parties
  31. I used to have such a bad shopping addiction I’d find things I bought months later on my bedroom floor and get excited all over again.
  32. When I was 15 I had a job that paid me $4.70 an hour - at burger king.
  33. I once told my manager that clamydia was a water impurity. It’s not. it’s an std :/ (or an sti)
  34. Before I was allowed to get a cat I had weird pets that we could hide in apartments. Mice, rats, quails, chicks, and yea fish of course.
  35. I have a slight american accents because the first friend I made in Australia was Filipino and spoke with an american accent
  36. I'm horribly bad at remembering names and people, I don’t even remember who that friend was :/
  37. I probably don’t even remember what I did last weekend. That's why a blog is so helpful :P
  38. I love eating chicken feet at yum cha! It’s so good :P I don’t care what you guys think :P
  39. My mum always wished I could be taller than her, but I’m not we’re the same height haha
  40. I read almost every single fiction book in my local library growing up. I’m probably short because I’d stay up to 2-3am everyday reading under my blankets
  41. My favourite pop band growing up was the spice girls
  42. I make a weird burp noise sometimes when I yawn haha
  43. I love hearing twisted stories, it really intrigues me. I love reading stories about cannibals and one of my favourite anime is school days just because of the ending.
  44. I’m lactose intolerant
  45. I hate listening to music most of the time because I love silence.
  46. I love strange characters! I have this soft toy that's a dog with his head stuck in a tire, its so cool! Thank you Japan!
  47. I can’t live without chilli, I try and add it to everything! Even sometimes try and coat my popcorn with it haha.
  48. I love to clean ears, just seeing the ear wax come out is like really exciting!
  49. I feel really awkward at fancy restaurants, even if I could afford it. I prefer homely relaxed atmosphere when I eat, and last time I went to a fancy restaurant my favourite dish was the mashed potatoes and buttered string beans ahahaha. 
  50. I realised that the things I love the most are the simple things, a cup of tea, a great tv show, and my soft soft bed :D
There we have it!! A long awaited 50 facts about myself. I wonder if any of them came as a surprise to you and do you guys share any weird habits with me :)? Let me know in the comments section!

For more information about me you can check out my FAQ section!

Much love,


Going blonde comes with a whole lot of maintenance and this will include matching your brow colour to your hair colour!

Although I still rock the black brow and blonde look from time to time when I get lazy, on my good days I try to lighten my brows to match.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering lightening your brows with bleach:

  • They will go through the same colour tone changes as your hair and therefore may also become brassy and orange as your hair would.
  • You will also have to go through a period of regrowth where half your brow hairs will be light and half will be dark.
  • You may feel that it will wash your face out because of the lighter colour but you will get used to it.
  • Also never ever use hair bleach on your brows because the formula is not thick enough and may drip into your eyes. We don't want bleach in our eyes.

What you will need

Face and Body Bleach

Like I warned before, don't use hair bleach for your own safety. What you want to use on your brows is face and body bleach. This bleach is usually used to lighten your facial hair so that it is less visible. An example of this is a product by Nair

This formulation is a lot thicker than the hair bleach your will find formulated for your hair and will not drip. 

Purple or Silver Shampoo 

As I mentioned above your brow hair may become brassy or orange and therefore purple or silver shampoo can help tone it down. You can re apply this any time your brows get brassy and also you'll have extremely clean brows. Here's one by Clairol that you can consider.

Eyebrow Bleaching Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Step 1: Mix the bleach according to instructions

Depending on the bleach that you use, you may have different instructions for mixing it. Mix it according to the packet instructions and ensure that the formulation is very thick so that it wont drip.

Step 2: Apply the bleach all over your brows

Once you have mixed it apply an ample amount over your brows. Ensure that all hairs are covered by rubbing the cream against your hair growth so that you don't miss out on any hairs. If you don't want patchy brows you want to make sure you have ample product.

Step 3: Keep checking the colour of your brows as it lightens

Depending on your original hair colour this step will vary greatly and so I will just say to keep checking the development and colour of your brows until you are happy with it. Your brows may be a bit darker while the bleach is on so I would advise to stop this process a shade darker than you want. You can always go back and lighten it further but it will be hard to darken it again.

Step 4: Wash the bleach cream off

Once you are happy with the colour, use some tissue and wipe the product off with some cool water. This will stop the bleaching process. Ensure that all the product is off your face and that you are careful not to get any into your eyes.

Step 5: Tone the brows with a purple/silver shampoo

You can skip this step if your brows are not brassy or orange, but if they are and you want to tone them you can apply a purple or silver shampoo with a cotton bud (q-tip) with some water on it. Make a foam and rub the product until your brows are toned. You can redo this any time your brows get brassy.

What to do when you don't want to bleach your brows

There we have it! It's actually quite simple but it will require some maintenance. For those of you that don't want to bleach your brows there's a great alternative which is brow mascara. If you have dark hair you may find that brow mascara's from Asian brands are much more opaque and effective vs. brow mascara's from Western brands.

One of my favourites at the moment is the Canmake colour change brow in Marron or Honey Brown. These colours tend to be warm so you may want to add a ash brow powder on top if you'd like a ashier colour.

I hope that this guide helps you match your brows to your hair colour! If you have pastel hair you may have a harder time as I'm not sure how to match my brows to pink hair myself. I just make the tone lighter!

Best of luck girls :)!

Much love,


When people think of successful YouTuber's especially YouTubers like Pew Die Pie they think wow!! They must earn millions of dollars!! And many people I meet assume that you are making so much money online doing very little but making videos. 

I know so many people that want to quit their jobs to become a full time YouTuber because it seems easy and they would make more money than their current job. It's one of those careers where people suddenly think of Fame and Fortune when the reality is incredibly different! I can possibly say the same thing about full-time bloggers but that's a totally different topic all together and not one I can comment completely on.

In this blog post I'll be talking about how much a full-time YouTuber makes. If you have other questions regarding YouTube life, please leave it in the comments box and I will type up an in depth blog post for you soon :)

To answer this question with a frustratingly common answer I would have to say.

It depends
The reason why I and many YouTubers will give you this answer is because it depends on a lot of factors. I'm going to list all the factors that affect one of the most common source of income for YouTube and that is Advertising income.

The following factors will affect how much ad revenue you get:

Your niche and topic and how much revenue advertisers make

YouTube income will vary dramatically depending on what advertisers will pay more money to advertise in certain categories. Usually the more revenue an advertiser can make from the purchase of their product the more they are willing to pay for ad space.

For example Home Loan advertisers will pay more because the revenue they make off a home loan (thousands) is huge, compared to a cereal product that makes $5 from their product.

For my category beauty and fashion the revenue tends to be much lower when you look at the grand scheme of things. $30 for a mascara vs. $30,000 for a home loan is going to be something that will affect your income. 

If you look at it from a pure business perspective it makes sense. Why would you spend more money advertising for you product then you earn from it? This will send businesses broke very quickly if they kept following that practice and therefore the revenue you make as a YouTuber will also be determined by your industry and niche.

How much content exists and the quality of your content

The amount of money you make from ads will also be affected by how much content is available to advertise on. If there is an advertiser looking to advertise for selling unicorns for example and you're the only video on the topic of unicorns you will most likely get the ad placements and ad revenue. 

If there are 100,000 videos on unicorns then you're content must be top quality for the ads to be placed on it. This will also be considered over time, as YouTube will favour ad placements on good content and this is usually shown by the number of view, interactions, comments and the regularity of channel content uploads.

In terms of beauty and fashion content, I would say it's pretty competitive with the amount of uploads in this category so having good and regular content will help you earn more revenue.

The amount of your viewers that view your ads

Calculating dollar amounts per 1,000 views and multiplying it by the views a YouTuber gets is a very common method that people employ to try and calculate how much revenue a YouTube makes, and although it is better then nothing, it's actually completely misleading due to a number of factors.

  • Things like ad block is really big these days which means your viewers may not even be watching your ads which means you don't earn income. 
  • In addition views on mobile devices don't get monetised well and until YouTube find a way to display ads gracefully, most likely you won't be getting much income from the views you get from mobile devices. 
  • Also people may skip your ads and sometimes people may not even get served ads because YouTube values user engagement and would prefer them to not abandon your video before watching.

The amount of views you actually get

If you can't predict views you also can't predict revenue, and a YouTuber can get a dramatically different amount of views month on month. Even if you have subscribers you can never truly predict a regular amount of views and therefore you can't predict any form of regular income. 

Even with a large number of subscribers you can't predict views because the amount of regular views a YouTuber gets varies dramatically due to how YouTube deals with subscriptions. Even if you are subscribed to a YouTuber you may notice that you will stop receiving updates if you skip watching a few of their latest videos. 

So if you are subscribed to me and stop seeing my updated videos please go to my channel and watch one to keep getting updates. Better yet just check my channel regularly :)!! Yes?? Thank you :)!!!

Other ways a YouTuber can earn money?

So since I've talked about advertising revenue mainly I will move on to other sources of income which may mean the actually income of a YouTuber can vary dramatically even if you figured out how to work out their $ for every 1,000 views, the amount of regular views and how often their views get monetised.

Sponsorships, Product Placements and Shoutouts

A large amount of money can come from sponsorship, paid shout outs and product placements and this can also vary dramatically by industry. And thank goodness for this kind of income otherwise YouTube may become unsustainable for a lot of YouTuber's including myself.

Side note: So for those of you guys that hate on sponsorships, please keep in mind that these kind of arrangements are actually keeping your favourite content free. If these sponsorships stopped you will find a lot of channels asking for a paid subscriptions, donations etc. just to keep afloat, so it's in your best interest to keep supporting this. Unfortunately in this world nothing comes for free and I would rather companies pay for content to be made as opposed to our viewers. We want to try to keep it free for your guys any way that we can!

The great thing is that this kind of content is becoming regulated so you will usually find that there is a disclaimer in the description box or a hashtag ad, or advertorial whenever these shoutouts are made. In addition I feel as a YouTuber and speaking of many out there, we would never endorse a product we hated mainly out of pure integrity. Our opinions are always honest when doing a review and we will mention what is great about the product. Keep in mind just like any product there are good things and bad things so the final decision is always up to you to make as with anything! 

Stores, Businesses and Merchandise

Other sources of income also include YouTuber's starting their own businesses outside of YouTube or creating shops selling products that they love as well as creating merchandise like T-Shirts and phone cases etc. I'm personally working on a few businesses as well on the side and as a YouTuber it's usually required you get pretty creative with the way you make income. These shops and brands may not be directly linked to the YouTuber but the YouTuber will market them on their channel and talk about them like they would talk about any other product they love. 

I personally however am creating brands and products that I don't want to be linked to me personally, I'm an entrepreneur before I was a YouTuber, but it's always great to have a channel where you can market things freely, and that's what's great about having a YouTube account.

Other types of merchandise may also be books. Many YouTuber's are writing their own books and selling that and passing on their knowledge and creativity. I think this is a great way to earn some extra income and this has inspired me to create my own diet foodplan e-book for you guys as well.

Television and Guest Appearances

This final source of income I'm going to cover is probably reserved for the most popular ones but that is appearance fee's for events or TV shows. Although many don't get paid to appear on television some might depending on the type of involvement. In addition very large YouTubers can get paid an appearance fee to show up at a event, and put on a performance. Many large YouTube festivals pay for some top talent to fly in to create a great show for the fans, and give them an opportunity to meet YouTubers you mainly watch through your television screen. Depending on your popularity, you can get paid over $10,000 for one event.

At the end of the day, YouTube is like any other business with the YouTuber being business owners. A business can succeed and fail in the same industry depending on how it performs and how it serves its customers. YouTube is no different. 

If you think you want to become a YouTuber one day I will tell you that it's not always glitz and glamour and be prepared to work very hard, and be creative in ways you can't even imagine (this includes being business savvy). The ones that are able to learn a living off YouTube and aren't at the Million subscriber mark yet have to get creative with different revenue streams and may have a backup plan in place which may include savings, or a part time job to make it easier to survive. If you live at home, you won't have this pressure so enjoy the process :)!!

For myself I can say I am not earning as much as I used to, and if I had to work out how much I'm actually get paid for the hours that I work on YouTube (which is sometimes almost every waking moment) I will probably be better off working minimum wage at McDonalds. However I am loving being able to be my own boss and being able to share my creativity and vision everyday. These things money can't buy and I have not regretted it for a second :).

While I'm here I'd love for you to watch and thumb up my new channel trailer, it would really help me out :)!!

I hope this blog post helps those of you that are looking to make YouTube your career one day and remember to share this blog post it if you know someone that's every wondered this too!!

If you have any other questions on this topic to comment below!

Much love,


So many of you asked for my daily food plan that I used to lose weight. This e-book was formulated with your request in mind and I spent a while putting it together.

This e-book contains 7 days worth of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from Monday to Sunday that allows you to create easy and simple meals, eat healthy and lose weight at the same time! I have used ingredients that are easily bought, easy to prepare and require little cooking time in order for you to maintain your diet easily. My boyfriend was the guinea pig for this food plan and he lost 12 kg's following it in 2 months.

I made it simple enough that even him with his busy schedule was able to follow it through a bit of forward planning and some preparation time! You will soon see how easy it is to cook healthy low calorie meals while living a busy life.

In terms of budget, this food plan is not expensive to maintain. Most ingredients can be bought for a low price at the supermarket and you can substitute depending on the country you live in. Feel free to ask me if you have any trouble obtaining the ingredients. I've also tried to repeat ingredients throughout all recipes so you can keep your grocery shopping easy.

In this e-book you will find the following:

  • Easy to follow recipes with low cooking times and low preparation times
  • Calorie breakdown of every single ingredient in recipes to guide you on your calorie counting journey
  • Easy versatile meals you can change ingredients to but still follow the same cooking process to allow for busy schedules
  • Tips with each recipe to make it taste different or how to change it up for some variety in your diet without blowing your calorie, including a tip to curb appetite between meals
  • A very low diary content for those that may suffer from acne due to dairy content
  • Fusion of Western, Chinese, Korean and Japanese flavours to keep things interesting.
  • Formatted so you can print it out and insert your own cooking photos for a bit of fun and creativity.
I have tried to price this e-book at a low price so all of you can obtain this valuable information and it will cover the cost of designing it and also give me a small income as I continue to make blogging and working online my dream! Every little bit helps :)!! 

Every $1 from this e-book purchase will go towards a charity every year, which I will share in a blog post when the time comes! I used to want to donate every month but sometimes I realise the amount is never large enough so unless we get there faster I would like to donate every year!

Also if you do happen to purchase this e-book and you get some great results please share your story with me!! It will encourage me to work harder on helping you guys live a healthy lifestyle and also if you have any suggestions on how to improve it for future girls that would be amazing!!

To purchase this e-book please click the button below and it will take you through to paypal. Unfortunately this is the only way for me to collect money at the moment because it's too expensive to set up a banking system so please bear with me :)

If you have any issues with your email please email:
I found this funny video and it reminded me of the Valentines Day video that I shot with my guy friends!! Which I am currently editing at this moment. Although I've cut out all their awkward pauses which this video delightfully keeps! I really loved this video, and it's so true for my Dad at least :)

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

Enjoy :)

Much love,


I get so many requests on how to do this so here goes another article that will help you with your blog :)

I think I'll create a section soon called Grow your blog that will put all these tips into one place so for you bloggers that are looking to get serious, you can refer to them. Also if you have any questions on how to grow your blog or anything like that please leave a comment and I'll work on a blogpost to answer your questions :)

Also if you have a wordpress blog, this process will be different but you can still enjoy my domain deals and also if you want to have a self-hosted wordpress blog - that's a whole other topic but there are also some hosting deals below, and if I get enough requests for these topics in the comments I'll think about compiling some detailed instructions (trust me it's pretty complicated)

Without further ado, I'll teach you how to get your own custom domain on blogger. When you start your blogger account most likely you have a website address like:

This is a great address to use if blogging is just a hobby or a bit of fun, but if you are ready to take it a bit further or create a sort of a "brand" online you may want your blog to have this address:

The variation is really up to you, and some may cost more than others. Before you freak out of course, a website address like this is really not expensive and right now GoDaddy have a special .com sale which lets you buy this address for $2.99 (this ends on 9th of Feb)

When it is not on sale you'll expect to pay no more than $10-$15 a year for your website address. You can buy your address from many websites but I prefer GoDaddy, because not only is it one of the cheapest, it has a special page that helps you link your blogger account with your domain name easily. (I'll show you how to do that later).

Domain name change tutorial for blogger blogs

Step 1. Purchase your domain name from a reputable company

Buy your domain name. This is the easiest part of the process, you can buy your domain name (another word for your website address) from any domain name registrar, but I prefer GoDaddy because it's the easiest to set up with blogger.

I usually check what deals there is on as you can always buy domain names for cheap (who needs to pay full price. I will keep this page updated for the latest domain name deals.

Current domain name deals

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This is a great and reliable host and you can do an easy and quick wordpress blog install on it too with one click. It can help you set up your blog in 4 minutes and have your own hosting and platform.

Disclaimer: I do make money from those links too and I will explain how to do this in detail for you guys in my next blog post. I only share offers and stores I feel are beneficial to you guys (e.g. it's cheaper then if you would buy it without this link and also I use GoDaddy myself, all my domains are bought with GoDaddy and I am a regular user because its cost effective and easy to use.)

Step 2. Log into your new GoDaddy Account

If you're new once you buy the domain name above you should have created an account already. Remember if you don't use those links above you will be paying full price for your domains so please don't forget to use the promotional links.

The next instructions are based on a blogger article in their help section but some of the language is hard to understand I'll try and make this as easy to understand as possible for you guys! The bonus of using a popular service like GoDaddy is that there are instructions for them by google for their exact interface.

1. Log in to your account at (remember you should already have this if you use the link above otherwise click the link above and login as usual)

2. Open the Domains tab and select My Domain Names. You'll be directed to the Domain Manager page. Is should look like the screenshot below:
3.Click the domain that you'd like to use with your blog. Click the blue name link e.g.

4. Click the tab "DNS Zone File like I boxed above 

So this next section is going to be the most confusing AND most important!! Let me explain a bit about what you are doing! 

There will be 2 sections you need to change on your website. One is called the CNAME section and one is called the A-Records. I have boxed them in GREEN in the image below. The CNAME refers to your domain name when people type "www". The A-Record is changed so that when people type in (no "www") they can get to your site. If you change the CNAME only people wont be able to get to you site without the "www." so I suggest you do both even though google says changing the CNAME is optional.

The changes that you need to make are boxed in BLUE. Make sure this is what your screen looks like after you have changed the details.

5. Change the A-HOST

So the first thing you want to do is to add the following IP addresses by click "add record" above the A-Host title.

You want to add the following IP addresses for blogger blogs:

After you've done this, delete any existing IP address left over from before. I suggest you just add first because if anything goes wrong you will still have the originals. Otherwise you can take a screenshot of the originals if you want to feel safer.

6. Change the CNAME

if you already have a CNAME that has "www" on it you may just want to edit this. But most likely you wont so please click "Add Record" above the CNAME section.

Enter as the Host Name and fill in the rest as shown below:

Step 5. Now update your blogger settings

Once your domain is set up you want to tell your blogger blog to point to your new domain name.

Note from Google 
"Before you move onto this step, wait about an hour for your DNS settings to activate. If you attempt to change the publishing settings before the DNS changes activate, then we'll let you know with a warning message."

The next section is straight from the help article because it's fairly straight forward:

Just head back to Blogger and update the information on your Settings | Basic tab. Find the area for "Publishing," and click the link to add a custom domain.

Add a custom domain

Then, click on "Switch to advanced settings."Advanced Settings

Enter in the URL for your custom domain in the text box provided, and click Save. That’s it! Your address will soon redirect to your new custom domain -- be patient, as it might take up to 24 hours for the redirect to start working

Enter URL and save

Now your done! You should test out if this works :)

If you want a much simpler solution you can build a blog in literally 4 minutes with blue host and the plan includes hosting, a domain name and an easy wordpress install. Click here to see the plan and get a discount too.

For more articles on how to grow you blog please head to my grow you blog section

Much love,