My Apartment Tour | Renovation by The Living Room and Peter Walsh

My room tour is finally here! I had to keep this a little secret until my episode on The Living Room aired.

I am a hoarder.

I didn't think it was a major problem until my apartment got out of control with my "stuff". It got so bad and overwhelming that it was hard to fix it simply because when you start cleaning, no matter how long you spent at it, it looked the same and it was quite depressing.

I managed to just move mess from one part of my house to another depending on where I needed to use. Also I thought buying more storage furniture will solve the problem, but it didn't work and just ended up in more clutter.

Oh my gosh. It was horrible.

I learnt so much from my experience with Oprah;s Decluttering expert Peter Walsh. Here are 3 tips that could help you declutter your room/apartment too :)

1. Don't buy more furniture to solve your clutter problems

This is probably one of the things I learnt that really helped and it was that buying more storage furniture to control your mess actually makes your mess expand. Mainly because storage furniture is quite bulky and can really bulk up a small apartment. Neat storage baskets going up vertically helped though and kept the mess controlled.

2. A place for everything

One of my biggest problems when my place was cluttered is that I didn't create a space for things. Categorising boxes and storage and sticking too it helps you know where to put it in place and also tells you when you have too much of a certain thing. I had to many items where I was like "miscellaneous" and had no idea where to put it. I had beauty things in my study and study things in my bedroom. It was so confusing and didn't help. If you can't fins anywhere to put it - throw it away.

3. Only keep things that make you look fab

I had a lot of clothes, especially clothes that didn't fit me very well but I kept them because I spent money buying them and I couldn't bear to throw them away cos "one day I'll look good in it". Chances are it won't fit you any better and you should just keep things that make you look fab. That means every time you reach into your closet you'll end up looking amazing instead of mediocre. That makes so much sense and I'm going to invest in seasonal clean outs from now on :)

My Apartment Tour

I really love my living room and the built in storage from Howard's storage has been so amazing and literally kept all my mess at bay. What do you guys think of the renovation?? Which is your favourite room??

Update: A cute little addition to my living room

I couldn't resist this cute pod char form Equator HomeWares. It's so super cute, and I love reading on it. It comes in black too :)

I hope you guys enjoyed my apartment tour :)!!!

Make life beautiful.

Much love,


Lamb and Vegetable Hot Pot in a Chicken and Tomato Broth Soup | Wengie's Healthy Kitchen

I love hot pot!! Or nabe as they call it in Japan. It’s the perfect healthy meal for the cold weather here in Australia. Not only is it super easy to make, it’s so hearty and filling as well and full of veggies. Also don’t forget its both low in calories and full of nutritional goodies!

Today I’ll be showing you how to make a lamb and vegetable hot pot in a chicken and tomato based soup. Of course feel free to change up what you put in the hot pot to what you like! The possibilities are endless

Lets start cooking!

Video Tutorial 


  • Some sliced lamb roll, you can get beef too or use chopped up chicken
  • Bok Choy
  • Lettuce
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • a Tomato
  • Some mung bean noodles
  • and chicken stock

Step 1: Prepare your ingredients

Prepare your ingredients by washing all your veggies. Cut them up into pieces. I’ve cut up the lettuce. Cut off the bottom stems of the enocchi mushrooms. Wash and cut up some bok choy. Then cut up your tomatoes into quarters.

Step 2: Prepare your soup

Put your pot on the stove with your chicken stock. I used a half portion of stock and half portion of water, but you can adjust the ratio’s depending on how salty you want it. Wait till the stock boils and then add the tomatoes in. Let it simmer for about 10 minutes until the tomatoes soften.

Step 3: Create your hot pot

Now once the tomato has softened and mixed into the soup, add the rest of your ingredients in put on the lid and let it simmer for 3 more minutes. Just before you are finished, add your sliced meat on the top and let it cook for another few minutes. Thinly sliced meat will cook in the hot soup as well so you don’t need to leave it in for that long.

And now we’re done!

A super yummy and delicious meal that is so hearty and warming for the cold weather. I also eat this in summer as well since soupy hot pot is good any time of the year!

Serve it with your favourite hot pot sauce like soya sauce, sesame paste or satay sauce.

Don’t forget to eat this hot pot with a smile.

Tell me what is your favourite hot pot dipping sauce? Mine is a mixture of sesame paste chilly and soya sauce!

Don’t forget to tag me in your cooking adventures!

Make life beautiful,

Love, Wengie :)

A Stripy Skater Skirt Meow Meow Crop Top and Turquoise Heels | Wengie's Style Point

Hey girlies :D!!!

I totally love my meow top. I got it from H&M and I think it's the cutest most flattering top with high waisted pieces, especially skirts! I also got this skirt from Taiwan as well for about $5 and it reminded me of the trendy striped items I saw in my ViVi magazines! 

Also vertical stripes are super flattering and lengthening :)!

Style point episode 3!!

and.. pictures :)

Korean Style Beef Wraps | Wengie's Healthy Kitchen

Wraps are so yummy! they are also a great alternative to burgers and if you get wholemeal and multi grain wraps it can be super healthy.

Today I’ll show you how to make a delicious and healthy beef wrap with a Korean style twist.

Video Tutorial



  • Korean style marinated Minced Beef - I’ll show you how to marinate it shortly
  • Your choice of fillings. I have
  • Some sliced onion
  • Mushroom
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Spinach and Rocket
  • A multigrain or wholemeal wrap. I used a mini wrap size so it’s a smaller portions

Step 1 - Marinate your meat

You can easily create the korean style marinated meat by combining a tablespoon of this Kalbi marinade with your minced beef. You can also add chopped onions and garlic in as well for extra flavor.

Step 2 - Prepare your fillings

Prepare your fillings by slicing your onions, chopping up your cherry tomatoes into quarters, and slicing up your mushrooms and preparing your avocado.

Step 3 - Prepare your wrap

Before you start cooking the beef you want to prepare your wrap so it’s ready to go once your meat is done. Lay your wrap down on a plate and use your prepared fillings and fill up your wrap leaving one side empty so you can use it to fold over and hold the wrap.

Step 4 - Cook your meat

Now the important thing to remember is to cook your meat in a long sausage shape so it’s easier to fit in your wrap. I’ve use a spoon and spatula to mould a long shape that is about ¾ the length of your wrap size. I’ve also added the slice onions and are cooking them on the side while the meat is cooking. Once the bottom of the mince is done, flip it over and cook for a few more minutes. It’s ok if it breaks apart slightly.

Step 5 - Assemble

Now put your onions and meat into the wrap. Fold your empty side over to create a pocket and then put the left and right side over one at a time. If you find your wrap is unfolding, you can flip it over so that the side you just folded is on the bottom on the plate.

If you want to serve it nicely you can use a knife and cut it diagonally through the middle.

There we have it, a delicious and healthy korean style beef wrap full off yummy veggies too. The marinated meat is tasty enough so you don’t need to add any extra sauce!

Don’t forget to eat this wrap with a smile.

I hope you enjoyed this easy to make korean style wrap that just soo good to eat!! MMMmm ;)

Tell me, what was in the last wrap you ate?

Also don’t forget to tag me in your cooking creations!!

Make life beautiful


Last weeks recipe: Capsicum Bell Pepper Bake

Denim Florals and Leather go so well together | Wengie's Style Point

So the title of this post is supposed to rhyme :) I thought it was quite neat!! But then again I may be easily amused hahaha :)!!

I had so much fun putting together this outfit!! I love Spring looks, but even though it is getting cold here, I thought I'd do a Spring outfit for your guys up in the Northern Hemisphere (You lucky duckies!)

I also managed to incorporate my floral crown for fun, and you can find the DIY link here:

DIY Flower Crown Hair Accessory 

I've also managed to find similar items to what I wore and linked them below for you too:

Denim Jacket Dupe 
Leather Shorts 
Brown Platform Ankle Boots

Here is the outfit in action with photos below :)

I'll catch you guys soon!!

Much love,