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Wengie, the No. 1 most subscribed Australian YouTuber, has dropped an original Christmas

song, “Ugly Christmas Sweater” The music video for the festive bop instantly became the

#1 trending video on YouTube, racking up over a million views within a day of its release on

November 17.

The song was written by #1 Billboard song-writer Melanie Fontana, whose credits include

BTS, Justin Bieber and the Chainsmokers.

Talking about the inspiration behind the Christmas original, Wengie shared,

“There’s nothing

more iconic to Christmas than the ugly Christmas sweater!...This song is for everyone out

there that is encouraging your family and friends to wear their Ugly Christmas Sweaters!”

Mark Darcy made it cool in Bridget Jones’s Diary, now Wengie is making it cool for the


Similar to her previous singles, “Cake” and “Déjà Vu”; released earlier this year, Wengie is all about bringing positivity and fun with her music.

“If Ugly Christmas Sweater makes yousmile and feel excited about Christmas —that would be my only wish!”

With both her YouTube fans and music fans around the world getting in on the holiday

spirit, “Ugly Christmas Sweater” is sure to be a hit this coming Christmas season!

Here are links to the track:

 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0samRmOIcLc

 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6HdZiA9pA5gxuIpEUW6T24

 iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ugly-christmas-sweater-


Wengie Attends the Dior Show at Paris Fashion Week

Wengie being photographed in a glamorous Dior gown

Wengie being photographed in a glamorous Dior gown

Through a collaboration with YouTube’s newly formed Fashion & Beauty team, Dior provided unprecedented access to a handful of YouTubers during Paris Fashion Week. One of them was lifestyle creator Wengie. The opportunity is a first for Dior as Wengie was given inside access to the Dior show from being dressed in stunning Dior gowns and accessories to being seated in some of the most coveted seats of the show.

During show day Wengie was dressed in Dior for the house’s ready-to-wear show at the Paris Longchamp Racecourse on Sept. 24. The collection was the brain child of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s featuring a Sharon Eyal-choreographed dance performance. Hailing from Australia,

Wengie as the flower petal falls, one of the main features of the Dior show

Wengie as the flower petal falls, one of the main features of the Dior show

In a statement, Derek Blasberg, director of Fashion & Beauty at YouTube, said, “When I came to YouTube I was impressed by how many style-conscious, fashion-loving, beauty-obsessed creators there are on the platform. One of the first things I wanted to do was close the gap between top-tier luxury brands and our ecosystem of YouTubers, and Dior was happy to be one of our first, exclusive partners. The content these creators have produced has been compelling, in part because it’s genuine, and a great model of what the future of digital fashion media can look like. What I love about fashion journalism is telling stories: And that’s exactly what these creators are doing.”

In the City of Light, the YouTube creators also got an inside look into the fashion house, including a brunch at the Maison Christian Dior and behind the scenes into the backstage activities at Dior’s spring 2019 show. As for the runway, Dior’s newest recruits had a lot to consider beyond the clothes. The dancers’ costumes were also created by Chiuri. The four elements of nature were reinterpreted on the performers’ multicolored leotards, which were meant to resemble body paintings, “the placement of the motifs corresponding to the anatomy, the chakras and the energetic expressions of the dancers’ bodies as the sinuously strode and twisted their way through the petal-dusted space,” according to a Dior Instagram post.

Wengie poses in front of the grand entrance to the Dior show

Wengie poses in front of the grand entrance to the Dior show

Qi GangLI invites Wengie to Guangzhou Fashion Week

On November 8, 2017, Wengie Huang was invited to attend Qi Gang Li's show held in Guangzhou Tower in Guangzhou, for the 2018 Spring / Summer collection at Guangzhou International Fashion Week.


  That night, Wengie was wearing a fairy like silk dress designed by Qi Gang Li. She was very honored to be invited to participate in the Spring and Autumn 2018 Spring and Autumn Silk Road Fashion Show, also very happy to be able to return to their hometown of Guangzhou.

Wengie at in the first row and paying attention to every piece of clothing brought by the model on stage. The 2018 spring and summer collection by Qigang  was themed "Silk Road" inspired by Datang's Desert Oasis Silk Road as the main fabric pattern, decorated with exquisite three-dimensional gold wire Embroidered camel.


Wengie said in an interview: "Qi Gang teacher has incorporated China's traditional culture into modern fashion in such an inspirational way,"


-Translated from the official Chinese Weibo article

Wengie Stars in the YouTube Original series Fight of the Living Dead


Fight of the Living Dead is a reality web series where 10 YouTube stars are selected to take part in a simulated zombie apocalypse and try to survive for 72 hours straight. 

Season 2 of the series will air on YouTube Red beginning October 31, starring Wengie. How fitting! Jake Paul shared the teaser trailer on Friday the 13th — doubly fitting! — and it's literally just him and fellow YouTubers, Wengie Hannah Stocking, and Anwar Jibawi, screaming their heads off at the camera.

According to Variety, the series hasn't revealed its location yet, but it did share the premise: "The crew, as they battle all-new flesh-eating humanoids, must decide between forming an alliance with a rebel organization or following the potentially nefarious directives of the underground government organization known as 'CONOP.'"

Wengie is the Voice of the 4th Powerpuff Girl!


Wengie is the new Powerpuff Girl, Blisstina Consuela Utonium, in the Australia/New Zealand airing of the Cartoon Network series "The Powerpuff Girls". 

The show originally aired from 1998 to 2005. Remember Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, the three super-powered girls who fought crime? The series returned for several specials. Then in 2016, Cartoon Network rebooted it. The show is now in its second season.

powerpuff girls-powerof4.jpg

Bliss is "this cute, really relatable character," Wengie said. "Everyone can see a bit of themselves in her and I can see myself in her as well, because I used to be a little bit of a loner, insecure."

Bliss also shares similarities with Wonder Woman from the hugely popular 2017 film. On the island of Themyscira, populated solely by female Amazonian warriors, there's a strong theme of sisterhood. 

"Bliss's journey in finding herself, I think Wonder Woman had an element of that," Wengie said. "She started off very insecure, being bossed around by people, just listening to people, but she got her own thoughts after a while, like I know I'm going to do this, and be powerful."

Wengie Nominated for the 7th Annual Streamy Awards


The nominations for the 7th Annual Streamy Awards were announced today, but instead of doing the traditional ceremony where someone stands at a podium and reads a long list of names, the nominees were announced exclusively via the Streamy Awards Twitter account — an appropriate platform for the digital video accolade.

Wengie was nominated in the International category alongside Juanpa Zurita, Lisa and Lena and more.

The Streamy Awards, which is produced by dick clark productions, will take place at 9:30PM ET/6:30PM PT on September 26 at the Beverly Hilton. The event honors the best in online video and the creators behind it. The annual event brings together the biggest names in YouTube and online video for a night of celebration, discovery, and meaningful recognition. This year marks the first ever installment of “The Purpose Awards,” an annual event recognizing individuals and organizations making a difference in their communities and positively impacting humankind, which will take place during Streamy week on Sept. 25.

The winner of the The 3rd Annual Australian Online Video Awards


The Australian Online Video Awards is a landmark event for the local screen content industry, bringing local content creators to the attention of the world stage.

Launched in 2014, The Online Video Awards showcases the best in Australian online content, judged by a panel of industry professionals. The principal Sponsor is Screen Queensland and ScreenPro.tv, with event supporters YouTube Australia, Brisbane Marketing and the Brisbane Powerhouse are proud to present the Third Annual Australian Online Video Awards.

All entries are judged using an innovative online process.

The Awards was handed out at an exciting awards ceremony on May 18th 2017 at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Unfortunately Wengie was in China and couldn't attend. How ever delivered a pre-filmed acceptance speech.

Wengie was awarded as the winner of the category: Best channel and also took out the overall winner award.