Qi GangLI invites Wengie to Guangzhou Fashion Week

On November 8, 2017, Wengie Huang was invited to attend Qi Gang Li's show held in Guangzhou Tower in Guangzhou, for the 2018 Spring / Summer collection at Guangzhou International Fashion Week.


  That night, Wengie was wearing a fairy like silk dress designed by Qi Gang Li. She was very honored to be invited to participate in the Spring and Autumn 2018 Spring and Autumn Silk Road Fashion Show, also very happy to be able to return to their hometown of Guangzhou.

Wengie at in the first row and paying attention to every piece of clothing brought by the model on stage. The 2018 spring and summer collection by Qigang  was themed "Silk Road" inspired by Datang's Desert Oasis Silk Road as the main fabric pattern, decorated with exquisite three-dimensional gold wire Embroidered camel.


Wengie said in an interview: "Qi Gang teacher has incorporated China's traditional culture into modern fashion in such an inspirational way,"


-Translated from the official Chinese Weibo article